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Biggest CS:GO Tournaments in 2022

The esports industry is huge and gets bigger by millions every year. However, there are not many titles that enjoy the same superiority as CS:GO. For this game, there are multiple tournaments taking place in all corners of the world resulting in millions of dollars changing hands. There are major CS:GO floats in tournaments happening every month somewhere. Hence, following all of them can be an exhausting process. Let’s make this easy for you. We have compiled the list of top CS:GO tournaments you can look forward to in 2022.

Intel Extreme Masters

Everyone even remotely familiar with the online CS:GO industry knows of IEM events. The iconic tournament has been around for years and witnesses a large gathering of CS:GO lovers every year. The two IEM events to look forward to this year are IEM Katowice and IEM Cologne events. The events will take place in February and July 2022, respectively. Some of the best CS:GO teams from around the world gather at one place trying to outdo each other in the fascinating game. With millions of dollars’ worth of prizes, the event becomes much livelier and more nail-biting.

ESL Pro League

These short-form tournaments are played out over a single form. Like IEM events, ESL also happens to be among the most revered competitive CS:GO events in the world. There are two such events every year and the winners walk away with huge sums of money along with grand prestige. Also, Pro Tour points are awarded to the winners in these prolific events. This year, there will be two ESL tournaments. The first one begins on March 9th while the second one begins later this year on August 31st.

The PGL Major

Taking place in Antwerp, Belgium, the PGL Major is another most searched event for online CS:GO tournaments. In the world of esports, live events watched by an audience have become a rarity. PGL Major brings a live crowd and the atmosphere during this event is electrifying. The prize pool made available to the winners of this tournament is $1 million. A total of 24 teams lock horns in the tournament and are divided based on their rankings. This year, the rumble takes place on May 19-22. 

The 18,000-seater venue at Antwerp is expected to be full despite the pandemic scare. Also, online gamers will be streaming the event live on their gaming channels.

European Development Championship

As the name suggests, this championship takes place in Europe annually. The teams are selected to the tournament via a direct invite and there are 16 teams that make it to the competition stage. The battle ensues for the top 3 spots as the prize money is split among the top 3 winners. While this is a relatively new tournament, which began in 2020, it remains one of the highly awaited CS:GO tournaments of the year.

Global Offensive Major Championship

Also known as the ‘Majors’, the GOM championship is sponsored by Valve itself, the company responsible for developing CS:GO. Hence, it is among the most revered CS:GO tournaments in the world. With an initial prize pool of $2,50,000 divided among 16 teams, this competition has been taking place yearly since 2013. Due to the tournament’s success over the years, the prize amount is now in the millions. Some of the best CS:GO players participate in the tournament and it becomes a sight to behold, seeing all the stalwarts giving it all to emerge the winners.

S-Tier Events

Initially called Premier Tournaments, the S-Tier events attracts the players and the fans due to its large prize pool, which stretched to $2 million. One other feature of this tournament that sets it apart is the fact that it keeps travelling. The events are held everywhere, from Asia to Australia to Europe. Hence, the top players from all the continents participate in these events which are coordinated by some well-established organizers. These events are highly respected, and the winners get away with a huge sum as a prize and massive respect among the CS:GO community. 

Closing Thoughts

CS:GO tournaments are akin to festivals for the fans and the organizers. With a boom in esports industry in the recent few years, the popularity of these tournaments keeps increasing. Choose the right one to follow and you are in for a treat!


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