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5 Quick Facts about Wind Power in Australia

Wind energy is the cheapest source of energy. Moreso, it is the cheapest source of renewable, eco-friendly energy. In Australia, since they adopted the 100% renewable energy switch, the wind has become one of the significant sources of energy in the country. 

This means that the turbines are now significantly more efficient and have also incorporated artificial intelligence in harnessing wind energy. In reality, wind power is the leading energy source in Australia, supplying over 36 percent of the country’s renewable clean energy and contributes to the reduced Electricity comparison in the country.

Here are five quick facts about wind power in Australia:

  1. The wind is the leading source of clean energy

As of 2020, wind power has become the major supplier of clean energy in Australia since the switching by the major cities to clean renewable energy. Wind power accounts for over 40% of the whole country’s clean, renewable energy. 

It also accounts for more than 9% of the country’s overall electricity energy production. It is said that wind power has added more than 1.5GW of the capacity to the energy sector since its introduction.

Many wind farms were commissioned to add to the generating capacity of wind power in the country. This added more than 5GW of power to the energy sector in the country.

  1. There is enough wind power in Australia to provide electricity for a long time.

In Australia, there are enough onshore wind power sources and resources that would provide more than 13 times for the country. This means that more than 6% of the electric energy consumed in Australia is supplied by wind power.

In this percentage, the country has not even reached its potential. If they exploit the full potential of wind energy, they will produce more than 2000 TWh of electricity from their wind farms.

  1. Australia’s average wind power capacity factor is the highest in the world

The average capacity factor for wind across the globe is about 23%, but it stands at 33.5% in Australia. This means that the wind power quality in Australia is extremely high compared to other places around the globe, so is the Electricity comparison of the entire energy produced.

The higher the average wind capacity of the wind farms means that there will be quicker returns on the investments made, generating more electric power, meaning that there will be cheaper electricity consumed.

  1. Wind power has created diversity in the power grid

When any system associated with the power grid goes offline, the result is always a blackout in the country or city. This also happens with wind energy which makes it paramount to know the predictability of the wind.

The country has many generators for wind power generation, which supplement each other in case the wind is not blowing in one area. The energy is integrated across the country from South Australia to Queensland.

  1. Wind power is clean, pollutant-free, and sustainable

Wind energy as a source of electricity in the country is clean, has zero emissions, and the output power is enough to sustain over 100,000 households. In Australia, the wind power generated is equivalent to coal farms. Coal farms produce carbon emissions.

Wind power cuts down and reduces the carbon emissions in the country by almost 20%. This has reduced the health impacts associated with the emissions.

Final thoughts

Australia has the best conditions for harnessing wind power as it has an abundant supply of wind resources located near its cities and on the slopes of the ranges in the country.

The eco-friendly wind has led to reduced emissions in the country, positive Electricity comparison index and thereby reducing the pollution in the environment, directly improving the health of the citizens of Australia.

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