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Biggest Changes In The Betting Industry

Gambling has been around for many centuries and can be traced back to antiquity. Gambling and betting had their roots in Europe and Asia. The relationship between gambling and betting has only deepened since then with advancements like the internet, mobile phones, social media, and many online gaming developments emerging over the last decade.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, biggest changes in the betting industry, gaming

Nowadays, gamblers may wager their money on a variety of things such as horse races, esports tournaments, football matches, and many more. Gamblers can now also try to predict the outcome of football games, baseball contests, political elections, and other events.

The global betting industry can be worth an estimated $140 billion by 2028. The industry has undergone some big changes in recent years with the advent of mobile betting and the growth of eSports. Let’s take a closer look at these two phenomena.

Mobile Betting

Mobile betting has exploded in popularity in recent years thanks to the growing prevalence of smartphones and tablets. Mobile betting allows gamblers to place wagers from nearly anywhere. This has greatly increased the accessibility of gambling for a wide variety of people thus expanding the overall market.

More and more mobile gamblers are emerging every year. This number is expected to grow significantly in the coming years as more people adopt mobile devices. Sporting events are by far the most popular for mobile betting, but other forms of gambling such as casino games and lotteries are also gaining in popularity.

Why is Mobile Betting So Popular?

One reason for the rise in mobile betting is that people like to gamble wherever they go. For many bettors, placing a wager on their phone when watching a game at home or in a bar is much easier than running out to the nearest convenience store or bookie. Mobile betting also makes it easier to check odds and place bets while on the move with the birth of some informative gambling sites such as Smartbettingguide. Information is easy to access and share within the community which also makes industry flourish.

People are also beginning to place bets on their tablets and smartphones through their regular online accounts. Furthermore, mobile betting can be done anonymously so people don’t have to worry about being judged by others when placing wagers with friends or family members sitting next to them.


eSports, short for electronic sports, is a form of competitive gaming that includes multiplayer video games played in professional competitions by paid gamers. eSports first became a thing in the early 1970s and has since grown into a worldwide phenomenon. Most eSports games can now be played on mobile devices which makes it easy for fans to keep up with the action wherever they are.

In terms of betting, eSports is currently not as popular as traditional sports but its audience is expanding quickly due to increased interest from the media and sponsors. So, it’s clear that the betting industry is changing and evolving rapidly to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. If you’re looking for a new form of gambling entertainment, then you should definitely check out eSports and mobile betting. You won’t be disappointed.

Why Is Esport Betting Popular?

Esport betting is gaining in popularity because the market has not yet been saturated. The industry is still relatively new and its audience will continue to grow as more people get interested in eSports and mobile technologies. Furthermore, much like mobile sports betting, players can place their wagers from anywhere at any time on their phone or tablet. This means that they can stay up to date on the action whether they’re watching a game at home or in a bar.

Esport is accessible from anywhere which increases fan base and excitement as there are no boundaries for players.

What Can Be The Future Of The Betting Industry?

The future of the betting industry looks very bright. With eSports continuing to grow in popularity and mobile technologies becoming more widespread, it’s only a matter of time before traditional sports betting is replaced by eSports and mobile betting.

Other advancements in technology such as crypto and  VR could have a big impact on the betting industry, giving more opportunities to bet on different events around the world. This will definitely increase the overall market size and bring even more excitement to the gambling world. So, keep an eye out for new and innovative technologies that are likely to change the betting industry as we know it.

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