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You Have Two Days to End Nightmares

Between stress, anxiety, and a multitude of other factors, a lot of people suffer from nightmares. Whether intermittent or frequent, those disturbing dreams can be more than a little annoying and scientists have been studying them for years. 

Now, inventor Michael Morgan has announced a limited availability of his dream-inspired nightmare-proof pillows. Saying, “I had a beautiful dream that I invented a nightmare-proof pillow and you can’t make this stuff up – it was literally a dream of mine to end nightmares forever.”

While there have been various products over the years that claimed to prevent bad dreams, Morgan is so confident in his invention that he is willing to “put his money where your head is.” To get the word out about his line of ultra-cool and comfortable pillows, he is offering a money-back guarantee with only one question asked for any customer who has even a single nightmare: “What was your nightmare about?” The pillow can be purchased at until December 31, 2021 and will never be sold again. 

“If you have a single nightmare on our pillow, we will refund you the full amount you paid for the purchase,” said Morgan. “And we feel like this is a creative way to get the word out about our magical pillows that are truly the best in the industry.”

Here are a few facts about the company’s nightmare-proof pillows: 

  • Blizzard Breeze Fabric on the surface is the same type of fabric you’ll find on the most expensive mattresses in the industry. Cooler and more luxurious than cotton or bamboo pillows. 

  • Our pillows have sacred geometry, the flower of life stitched into the fabric. The flower of life has been around since 535 BC and is believed to be a visual representation of the connections between all living beings and life itself. We believe that this symbol of vitality and energy will ward off nightmares.

  • 2″ gusset adds structure to the side of your pillow and fills in the gap between your shoulder and head. 

  • L-shaped hidden zipper runs down one short side and one long side of the pillow, making it easy to remove the cover and wash. This design helps you sleep fresh.

  • Let’s face it: Sleep isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. So we designed a Calibration Zipper on the inner polyester case that can be used to adjust the height of your pillow so that it fits your sleep style.

  • Extra foam bag included so you can save the leftover fill for later.

  • Cross-cut gel memory foam mixed with poly-fiber relieves pressure points and supports your head, neck, and spine, helping you sleep comfortably and coolly throughout the night.

Right now, you can save 65% too!

  • 20″x 36″  King Size $44.99 Up to 53% off free shipping

  • 20”x30” Queen Size $44.99

  • 10”x15” Travel Size $26.01

If you’re suffering from nightmares on any level, you have nothing to lose. Head over to and order your pillow today.

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