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‘Beyond Van Gogh’ Exhibit is Beyond Awesome

Spoilers Ahead… Pics and videos.

Yes, my old hippie self is an art fan. While Pollock is actually my favorite, when you walk in my house the first thing you see is Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and “Starry Night On the Rhone” that I’ve had for years. My wife is an artist herself and loves Van Gogh as much as I do. All that being said, when we heard about the “Beyond Van Gogh” show in Austin this month, she grabbed us tickets and we went to see it today.

While I’m no art critic and I don’t know one particular style from another, this show blew my socks off. I have to admit though, when we first walked in, I was a little nervous as there was display after display after display of… reading.

Sure, it was facts about the artist and direct quotes from him, but after half a dozen or so, my wife and I were both ready to move on. The next room was better, with a small show set to music that moved down the wall onto the floor.

Again, I was getting nervous because this wasn’t anything like the images shown on the website. However, as you’ll see below, the next and final room was worth the wait.

Take a look at the images and videos and below and you’ll see why we both say that it’s definitely worth the price of the ticket. Not only is the artwork, quotes, and renditions displayed digitally on the walls, it’s also on the floor, pillars, and the audience, making it truly an immersive experience.

That part lasts about 35 minutes on a loop and is the end of the show but at around $30 per ticket, it was well worth the price of admission.

Speaking of ticket prices, As a pro sort of tip there are “timed” and “untimed” ticket price and as we are both disabled we were kind of worried about the timed aspect of our tickets. However, it was totally “go at your own pace” kind of venue but of course I can’t say that will be the case in every city.

You can see more information and order your tickets for the Austin show at and it is in town through August 8th.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, 'beyond van gogh' exhibit is beyond awesome, creators corner

This was my favorite part

I have a lot more video but I figure this was plenty LOL

Needless to say though, my photos and videos doesn’t do the show justice as it was fantastic and awe inspiring.

I know it is traveling to New York and other cities next, so keep your eyes open Geeks! It’s definitely worth it.

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