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StumbleUpon is a ‘discovery engine’; it is a web based service which brings whole new meaning to ‘surfing the net’. If you enjoy surfing the web and wasting time on your computer, you might have already discovered and experienced StumbleUpon is essentially what kept me awake for 4 years during University lectures.

Stumbleupon. Com

The History

StumbleUpon was founded in 2001 by Garret Camp, Geoff Smith and two other friends. You could say the small group of entrepenuers “stumbled upon” something great. Between 2007 and 2009, their great idea was under the ownership of Ebay. Through many re-vamps and overhauls, including ownerships and fund raising; by 2009 ownership of the company was reclaimed, and by 2011 reports of 20 million users and 1 billion stumbles started to pour in.



How it Works

Stumble is basically the best way and my personal favourite way to kill time on the internet. The service allows you to choose from a list of interests, from Arts to photography; from movies to windsurfing, there is a huge list of interests. Once you pick an interest or ‘all interests’, Stumble takes you on a journey through the pages related to your choices.

Once you create an account you can select all of your interests so when you ‘Stumble’ you will only see what you are interested in. If you like a page you can simply click ‘I like it’ and Stumble will save it to your favourites and produce similar pages in the future.

If you’re a fan of watching random videos, select ‘videos’ from the interests list and Stumble will supply you with endless videos to keep you entertained.

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You know those situations when you have an hour to kill before your meeting or when you can’t sleep at night so you grab your laptop but you run out of things to do… has been my answer for the last five years. Jump into stumble and she has got everything ready to keep you busy for as long as you need. The one downside to Stumble is that it can become extremely addictive, so there is a chance that you will miss that meeting or that you will be up all night.
Stumbleupon app

StumbleUpon is also available as an app on the Apple App Store, Google Play and the Windows Store. You can log into the app to continue stumbling your favourite interests wherever you are.

Get into it! Let me know what you think and throw me a comment below.