Best practices for improving your ethernet connection

Best Practices for Improving Your Ethernet Connection

There are several tricks you can use to access the full capacity of your Ethernet cables. Your bandwidth is something you can’t do much about, but there may be other things operating within your computer that prevent your cable from reaching its fullest potential. Implement these best practices for improving your Ethernet connection today!

Check Data Caps

All services have what are known as “data caps,” a limit on the amount of data that customers can use each month. Some services offer unlimited data at a slightly higher or sometimes even standard price, meaning their customers don’t have to worry about data caps.

For those that do have data caps, it’s essential to watch your internet usage. Once you exceed your data for the month, your internet will slow significantly or even go out.

Reboot and Reset

To maintain a healthy computer, you will need to allow it to function correctly. For many devices, turning it off and rebooting it often helps preserve files and allows for updates. This frequent practice will help close all running programs and re-establish any connections. A quick reset can give your device a break and help you make the most of your connection again.

Move the Router

If you’re using both Ethernet and Wi-Fi, you might choose to reposition your router. The distance might strain your Ethernet cable, depending on how far away your device is from the modem. It might also be time to move up to 5G internet if you’re moving the router and not seeing much improvement.

Remember, the shorter the length of your cable from the modem to your computer, the clearer your connection. If you move your modem and router into the room where you’ll have the most computer and internet activity, you’ll have the best connection possible.

Use Anti-Virus Software

Anti-virus software is an incredible tool for keeping your computer up to speed. Most devices have advertisement blockers built in these days, which is a huge plus. Some even come with annual plans upon purchase that you can renew at a low price, so it’s relatively cheap software worth investing in.

Having this software installed in your computer system will greatly improve its overall health and speed by keeping those ads, spyware, malware, and pop-ups from flooding your system. This noise can ultimately slow things down. With anti-virus software, you will limit computer freezes and not have to worry as much about processing and internet speeds.

Clear Your Cache

Every time you browse the net, you pick up cookies and build a portfolio of all the sites you visit. So, you should make a habit of clearing your cache to free your computer of this backlog, as it will really bog things down.

Keep these best practices for improving your Ethernet connection in mind next time you wonder why a page won’t load or a program won’t open. Maintain your device properly, and you will be sure to have the highest bandwidth that your Ethernet cable can handle.

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