Best Christmas Gifts for the Nerd in Your Life

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Whether you’re shopping for the nerd in your life or for you own nerdy self, here are some gift ideas to keep in mind when you’re out doing your last minute shopping this weekend.

Star Wars AT-AT High Ball Glass

Star wars high ball glass from think geek

For under $5, this glass from Think Geek is a steal. The website describes it as “It’s like drinking has turned you into an Imperial Walker, just like the ones on this Star Wars AT-AT Highball Glass. Honestly, we’re not sure if these are AT-ATs or AT-ACTs, but you’re welcome to debate amongst yourselves once you partake of a few drinks from one of these glasses. Not before. It’s not half as entertaining that way. AlsoAlso, do not drive while under the influence. Operating Imperial machinery is right out, too.”

If you’re have a gift exchange that’s alcohol related, this would be the perfect thing to bring.

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Table Lamp

Harry potter table lamp from think geek
If you’re looking for something a little more expensive, this lamp from ThinkGeek is perfect for anyone obsessed with the Harry Potter fandom.

With a wood base shaped like the deathly hallows and black and white shade, this is the perfect gift for the kid who fell in love with the series and is now an adult.

It has a sleek, modern feel to it so it won’t scream NERD in your living room, either. Think Geek promises death won’t come looking for you if you have this lamp.

The Geeky Chef Cook Book

The geeky chef cookbook, christmas gifts

From video games to your favorite television shows, you can learn to cook all the delicious foods that you saw through a screen with the Geeky Chef Cook Book.

The cookbook has recipes like Treacle Tarts from Harry Potter, 1Up Mushroom Cupcakes from Super Mario Bros, and Elixir Soup from The Legend of Zelda.

There are two books full of recipes and the site has other great items for sale such as t-shirts, aprons, coffee mugs, and more. Everything is sold through Amazon, but the site has all items listed. This is the perfect gift for the person in your life who loves to cook and is also geeky.

Star Trek Bath Robe

Star trek bath robe christmas gifts

Selling on Amazon as well, this bath robe is perfect for anyone who has dreamed of wearing the star fleet uniform first thing in the morning (or all day long).

In the resemblance of Captain Kirk’s uniform, “The robe is made from cotton and has a stitched communicator badge on front, 2 large pockets in front, and a wrap around belt. Great gift for any Trekkie.”

Whether they’re a die hard fan or a novice, the Star Trek fan in your life will thank you when they unwrap this plush robe.

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