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Best Apps for Your Smartphone That Will Improve Your Writing

Do you want to get better at writing your essays? Does your CV have some really bad mistakes, and you didn’t get your dream job? We have found some amazing writing apps that will make your life easier!

Below are some free or paid writing software that will show you in a few steps how you can improve your writing skills, how you can detect the major mistakes you are making, and answer the question of “how is the best way to write my research paper.” So, let’s get started!

1. Grammarly

Our first choice is Grammarly – with this app, developers chose to create an algorithm that detects the grammar mistakes made by users. It can even detect when you misuse expressions or type a word wrong and it will find the word or expression that fits best in that context.

2. JotterPad (Android)

Another top choice, JotterPad is ready to help you when you need some critical help. The best thing about it? – you can export PDF and DOC and it is free. Of course, for some features you need to be prepared to pay a little, but – hey, what won’t we do for our own success?

3. iA Writer (iOS, Android)

Available for all users, whether you have an iPhone or an Android system – there are some debates in the reviews about whether this app on Android is not as good as the one created for iPhone. You will have syntax highlighting and are able to see all the verbs if you need to make phrase analysis.

4. Monospace Writer BETA (Android)

This app has a minimalist aspect, it’s easy to organize (you have # on your folders), and you can use also Dropbox with it. It might actually be the option on this list so be sure to check it out.

5. Microsoft Word (iOS, Android)

Maybe this recommendation will be too obvious for many. Microsoft has improved their services to include writing services for those who are writing in a rush but need their work to be perfect. The best side? You can use this app on iPad with all its features.

6. Hanx Writer (iOS) – Picked by Gadgets 360 Staff

Guess who made this app? Tom Hanks has its signature on it, and many love it! It has some basic aspects that will make your writing experience an amazing one – you have all the features of writing on a typewriters. Don’t expect to have mistakes detected though or any of the other benefits listed with those other apps. This apps sole focus is on the writing experience and how good you should feel while doing it.

7. Write (iOS)

This is another great choice for iOS users – it is similar to the options on Lenovo laptops. It’s actually working while you are using it and has many other pluses like sharing passcodes and granular interface control.

8. Editorial (iOS)

We can say that this app is one of the best apps for writers on the market. It has an intuitive interface, it’s ready to create all the support you may need. You can upload or export docs and has some professional aspects which you may not expect. Even if is not free, this is our recommendation for those who want professional help on a limited budget.

9. OmniOutliner 2 (iOS)

Do you want more than a simple app? OmniOutliner 2 is here for you – it is the best organizer, it supports external keyboard, and it is easy to custom. For sure you will have the best expertise with it.

10. Drafts 4 (iOS)

Need a place to write out your ideas, a shopping list, or even a professional text? Drafts makes it possible to send all the information you need and share it with others. Also, you can use it on your Apple Watch.

If you have any more questions regarding this amazing domain and you don’t know what to do or where to start, you could also consider buying a research paper or create it from scratch, by yourself, and have a paper writing service guide you along. It’s the best of both worlds because you will have a professional writing service behind you that will catch mistakes without those apps above all the while, helping you write your research paper.

Hope that you find the best app to help you in your writing endeavors, and don’t forget to share your experience with other users!

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