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5 instantly recognizable geeky halloween costumes

5 Instantly Recognizable Geeky Halloween Costumes

With Halloween just around the corner, thoughts turn to one topic: costumes. Though the idea of an adult dressing up in a crazy outfit to impress other adults is pretty standard (albeit rather strange, when you think about it), the motivations behind which costume is chosen can be very different. While millions of horror fanatics…

Player two has joined: how to co-exist with a non-gaming partner

Player Two Has Joined: How to Co-Exist With a Non-Gaming Partner

At some point, growing up happens to all of us. The all-night gaming sessions give way to an all-day work schedule. The Mega Man sheets and bedspreads are thrown out and replaced with something more “sensible” and “adult”, and we’re told to start paying attention to things like thread count, instead of which one of…