(2 to the power of) 12 tips to win at 2048

(2 to the power of) 12 Tips to Win at 2048

The new online casual mathematics puzzle that’s sweeping the nation is 2048, a game that appeals to the kindergartener in all of us by showing how 2+2=4. The game was developed by Gabriele Cirulli, an Italian web designer who specializes in making simplistic but intuitive graphical user interfaces. It has become an internet sensation because…

Easter egg ufo hunt: silent hill’s hidden endings

Easter Egg UFO Hunt: Silent Hill’s Hidden Endings

Well, yesterday was Easter: a time to celebrate Jesus and also find some eggs or something.  If this were a religious website, I’d write some stuff about the holiday in detail, but since it’s not, let’s discuss Easter’s most important geeky contribution: the Easter Egg.   Easter eggs in video games have been around since…

Hiatus help: how to pass the time when things get delayed

Hiatus Help: How to Pass the Time When Things Get Delayed

In this age of instant gratification and rampant consumerism, it is we, the geeks, who suffer most.  Because we are so hopelessly obsessed with our media, we are hit hardest by having to wait for new stuff to come out.  Who among us has not spent time agonizing over when the Batman/Superman movie is coming…

Phone finance: how to plan to pay for your phone

Phone Finance: How to Plan To Pay For Your Phone

Buying a new phone can be exciting, especially when getting upgrading from a dumb phone to a smart phone.  However, when dealing with the cell phone service and manufacture companies, it can be easy to lose track of what exactly you are paying for.  These companies do indeed try to trick you in a lot of…

Doctor who for beginners: how to start watching doctor who

Doctor Who for Beginners: How to Start Watching Doctor Who

Doctor Who, the 1960’s sci-fi TV show about a time traveling alien and his many companions, is a show that often sparks debate amongst its fans.  Its scope is so wide and varied because over its more than fifty year run it has had dozens of writers, more than a few show-runners, directors galore, and…

How to binge-watch a tv show

How to Binge-Watch a TV Show

As our society moves towards a new way of absorbing media, the average viewer is still learning to adjust to the idea of binge-watching. As it is now, binge watching can be a serious drain on productivity, it can destroy your social life, and it can lessen the experience of watching the show over time….