AT&T Reportedly Set To Discontinue The HTC First

After just a single month, AT&T has already started thinking about giving the boot to the HTC First and return any unsold units of the device back to the OEM, due to very poor sales of the phone.

At&t htc first

According to a recent report via BGR, AT&T will stop selling the HTC First as soon as possible. Before the phone was launched, HTC bought shelf space in AT&T stores for the device. So, AT&T will have to wait until the contract ends. According to the report, AT&T may completely discontinue the HTC First as soon as the contract ends.

According to sources, AT&T has managed to sell nearly 15,000 units of the HTC First in the country within last week, that’s an extremely low number for any smartphone. Sales of the HTC First are even lower than the previous “Facebook centric phone” by the company, the HTC Status, which had a poor sales record as well.

The main reason behind HTC First’s poor sales are the AT&T employees, who reportedly dislike the phone and the Facebook Home launcher that comes pre-installed on the phone. Employees show the customers the iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4 instead; both these phones are the best sellers on the carrier.

AT&T HTC First is a Fail

Recently the price for the HTC First was dropped down to $0.99 from $99.99 on a two year contract. According to the report, this price cut was in order for the carrier to clear out as many units of the device as possible before returning the remaining units to HTC.

Looks like the Facebook Home launcher isn’t doing so well after all. Even though Facebook is working hard on improving the launcher and adding extra features, including bringing back the Android app dock, but until then, Facebook Home is just an ugly skin that covers your smartphone with the Facebook cover feed. The HTC First’s let down may lead to the dissuasion of Facebook’s partners from launching any more phones pre-loaded with Facebook Home.

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