April 2013 Here’s What You Missed: Kepler-186f, Storium and Gone Girl

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It sounds like a cliché but boy, time flies. We’re about to say goodbye to April and let’s be honest here, we hate it! Be that as it may, life has to go on. Even though we tend to feel bored to bits sitting in our office, it’s news like these (read below) that spruce up our lives, and even though it’s a short one. Know any ‘under the radar’ news that we might have missed? Let us know!


Earth Has a Sister Planet, But Not Everyone is Stoked About it

Just saying, but if it were up to me, I’ll give the planet a much cooler name. Named Kepler-186f , it has been reported that this planet is about 500 light-years from Earth.

There’s usually nothing new in the world of astronomy so to have something this major happening in this big universe says a lot.

However, when scientists announced that the most Earth-like planet has been located, not everyone is enthusiastic about it.

Many argued that if Kepler-186f really does exist, why is there not an actual satellite image of it.

Do a Google search and you will found out that there is only an artist impression of Kepler-186f.

What do you think?


An Online Storytelling Game is Happening

Finally, a game specially for bookworm gamers. A kickstarter project for an upcoming literary video game is currently ongoing and it’s going to be legendary. The team behind Storium has been playtesting an early version of the game for months with hundreds of people.

Thanks to its critically acclaimed feedback, they are ready to take the game to a whole new level. But they need help. So this is where you come in.

With a minimum of $10 pledge, you will get an instant access to Storium beta playtest. $10 pledgers can immediately start playing and invite their friends to join in the fun. The system is pretty simple. You pledge more, you get more benefits.

The gameplay ‘works by turning writing into a multiplayer game.’ Unlike other games, you get to create your story in Storium. Everything is in your hands and there is no limit, only your imagination.

Feels like work and play, doesn’t it?

The team behind Storim has since succeeded their goal and as of this moment, there are over 2,000 people supporting this Kickstarter project. It’s still not too late; there are 13 more days to fund the program!


The Gone Girl Trailer is Finally Here

Author Gillian Flynn has previously published two novels, Sharp Objects and Dark Places, but it’s Gone Girl that made her a household name in the literary world. If you’ve read it, you would know that it is not your average thriller novel.

It tells the story of married couple Nick (played by future Batman Ben Affleck) and Amy Dunne (Bond girl Rosamund Pike), who goes missing on the day of the fifth anniversary. Everyone is pointing the finger at Nick and for well founded reasons. Gone Girl is often twisty and all the characters are messed up. If you detest books and shows with unlikable characters, you might want to give this a miss.

Despite its shortcomings, Gone Girl is highly addicting. The finale scene of the book threw everyone off and it’s been reported that the film will have a new ending.

The trailer was released last week and it’s riveting.

Gone Girl is easily one of the must-watch movies in 2014. It’s full of suspense and the director of the film is David Fincher, which makes it even more exciting.