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Apple May Discontinue iPhone 5 after 5S launch

Rumor has it that Apple may discontinue its bestselling iPhone 5 in favor of its upcoming successor – the iPhone 5S, and its budget version, which is being called the iPhone lite.

iPhone 5 To Be Discontinued?

Apple has maintained the same pricing strategy for its different iPhone models for years. Upon launch of a new iPhone, the older one is brought down to a lower price, while its predecessor is made available with a contract in a few countries, or an even lower price in some others.

However, things may change this time. According to ETNews, the touch panel used in the touchscreen of the iPhone 5 adversely ups production costs if manufactured in low volumes. Once the next iPhone – the 5S is launched, it is apparently not making business sense for Apple to continue to manufacture the iPhone 5 with a lesser number of units. Thus, the Cupertino based company may just halt production entirely.

The iPhone 5 has been Apple’s best iPhone to date. According to data released by analysts, it even makes up for almost 50% of all iPhones sold so far.

Currently, the iPhone 5 is sold as Apple’s flagship worldwide, followed by the older iPhone 4S at a lower price point, and the iPhone 4 at a lower budget price. It is unclear if the iPhone 4S will continue to be sold when the 5S is unveiled.

The iPhone 5S is expected to launch in September this year. One of its numerous leaks suggest that it may feature a Dual-LED flash for better low-light photography.

The Budget iPhone ‘lite’

Meanwhile, rumors of the budget iPhone continue to grow strong. The budget model is expected to have a polycarbonate casing, with a lower resolution camera and a slower processor. It has had its share of leaks, and is being called the ‘iPhone lite’.

Apple’s decision to introduce a budget iPhone is believed to be due to a change in strategy to enter the budget-end of the market, instead of remaining in the high-end segment. This may be because of the company wanting to grab higher market share in developing countries. It is believed that production on the device has already begun, and the device is expected to be released along with the iPhone 5S.

The new iPhone 5S should ship running iOS 7 – the latest iteration of Apple’s iOS operating system. iOS 7 is expected to be made available to the public in September this year, along with the new iPhone launch. It currently remains in Beta version for developers.