Iphone 6 overshadowed, tommy krul, apple keynote speaker

IPhone 6 Overshadowed by an Infinity Scarf Worn by Keynote Speaker

When someone becomes an Internet sensation, that fame isn’t easily forgotten. Tommy Krul, who was invited to an Apple event as a keynote speaker, attracted a lot of attention because of his fashion sense. Usually, at these events, the crowds pay more attention to the items being showcased than the people who are presenting them. In this case, the iPhone 6 was shadowed by an infinity scarf and the person sporting the scarf.

The result was a runaway freight train running through cyberspace, with Twitter users making comparisons to Lenny Kravitz and Gavin Rossdale from the rock band Bush, according to an article in the Daily Mail. Finally, the social media conversation led to the video game executive having parody profiles of his person. One Twitter profile is called Scarf Guy and the handle is @KeynoteScarfGuy. Then Tommy Krul was parodied again in another profile, which contains the name Keynote Scarf and the handle is @KeynoteScarf.

All Because of a Scarf

Although fashion models and fashion designers have the potential to be fashion icons, the Scarf Guy profile defined Tommy Krul as “A New Fashion Icon.” The profile was created with the intention of making infinity scarves a more popular fashion item to wear. But the parody profile has a small following as it begins its life in the Twitterverse. Keynote Scarf, however, attracted a lot of followers in less than 24 hours.

But geeks aren’t usually noticed in the mainstream world for their fashion sense, which ends up creating a new subcategory for fashion icons. At best, Krul would fit TIME Magazine’s list for Muses, which includes the Beatles. Tommy Krul definitely fits the geek category because he is one of the co-founders of the video game company Super Evil Megacorp. Reminders of Dr. Evil’s funny moments in the Austin Powers movies dot the company’s home page, where the business’ goal is listed as the following:

“Super Evil Megacorp seeks to destroy the productivity of mankind with endlessly entertaining games.”

The video game company is making plans to release its first video game, Vainglory, on multiple mobile device platforms, including the iPhone 6, in October 2014.

Anyone who knows how to wear a scarf is something that attracts respect because it’s a malleable product that comes in different materials and thickness levels. Multiple sources on the Internet try to provide helpful instructions in creating fashionable shapes. According to this video on Nordstrom’s website, even a sarong can be considered a scarf. The desire to learn the art form applies to both men and women.

Why the Infinity Scarf Stood Out

Infinity scarves don’t require a lot of fuss, but the way that Tommy Krul wore the fabric made people turn heads in cyberspace. Although he could get away with the look on a runway, the word keynote suggests that tech-based firms are making academic lingo look appealing to large masses. Looking at Tommy Krul serves as a reminder that looking like an intellectual can be done with casual grace.

The implication for tech companies is that work clothing will be closely paid attention to. Normally, in tech-based companies, casual attire is encouraged in order to encourage a specific type of work culture, according to a Forbes article.


In the previously mentioned article from the Daily Mail, Tommy Krul told the publication’s MailOnline that he was surprised at the sudden attention, especially because he makes it a habit of wearing scarves on a frequent basis. For him, it was just another day at the office, presenting Vainglory to a large public. And some news publications did indeed focus on the video game instead of the presenter, such as The Guardian.

People want to know Tommy Krul better, but with the parodied profiles, that will be even harder to do. Besides the news about his infinity scarf, Krul’s LinkedIn profile is as close as people can get to knowing the man without directly contacting him or running into him in person.