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Apple Fixes Security Flaw And Releases iOS 6.1.3

It looks as though Apple has finally gotten around to releasing the 6.1.3 software upgrade for iPhone, iTouch and iPad. I say ‘finally’ because even a short time feels like a really long wait when your iPhone has a gaping security flaw. And, yes, I do mean gaping!


Apple Security Flaw: Are You At Risk?

Recently, a YouTube video surfaced that claimed to be able to teach the viewer how to ‘bypass the iPhone 5 lock screen’. Generally, not a lot of stock is placed in such claims, but as it turns out, this video was telling the truth. With a little rigging, the iPhone 5 lock screen could, in fact, be bypassed and a nosy invader would be able to listen to voice mail messages and view call logs. In order to gain access to the locked phone, the infiltrator has to complete a series of steps. The iPhone must be brought to the ‘power down’ slide screen and from there, the hacker has to place an emergency call, all while keeping his or her finger pressed firmly on the power button.

The serious security flaw surfaced during mid-February of this year and it has taken Apple about a month to get themselves together and release a patch for the problem. For some users who need phone security for one reason or another, this has been simply much too long.

The new iOS 6.1.3 update solves the issues with the lock screen and also adds a few improvements to other software, as well. Japanese users will notice a big improvement to their Apple Maps app.

Apple users can, of course, update their phone, iTouch or iPad by going into their device settings and accessing the ‘General’ section. From there, users can tap the software update prompt and download the patch directly, as long as battery life is sufficient.