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Apple files ‘iWatch’ Trademark All over the World

Apple may just have indirectly confirmed what many enthusiasts have been anticipating for a long time now.The company filed for an iWatch trademark in Russia and Jamaica last month. Apple has also applied for the trademark in Japan, Mexico, Taiwan and Turkey as well.

The iwatch

9to5Mac reports that Apple filed the trademark application with Mexico’s “Institute of Industrial Property” on 3rd June, 2013. It was filed under both the software and hardware categories. The address in the application is listed as “1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California” – Apple’s US Headquarters.

The trademark application has been filed by Maria Teresa Eljure Tellez. Tellez is the Head of the Trademark department at the Mexico-based law firm Arochi, Marroquín, & Linder, S.C. This is the same firm that has filed previouos Apple trademarks in Mexico – such as for the iPad.

Apple's mexico filing for the iwatch
Apple’s Mexico filing for the iWatch

Trademark filings were also made in Turkey and Taiwan on the same day for the same iWatch name.

With Apple hurriedly applying for the trademark in so many countries across the globe, it’s almost certain confirmation that iWatch is coming our way pretty soon. According to rumors, the smartwatch should start shipping either later this year or in early 2014.

It is believed Apple’s smartwatch will be running iOS – the platform that powers the iPhone and the iPad – and will perform many tasks currently taken care of by the iPhone and iPad. It should have an OLED display, and should ship with many sensors to record feedback from the user.

Apple will be launching newer iPhone and iPad models later this year. It has already unveiled iOS 7, which, for the first time, is starkly different from its predecessors in terms of interface.

Apple isn’t the only company venturing into the smartwatch market. Sony launched its Smartwatch 2 only last week. It comes with a 1.6 inch display, along with NFC and water resistance. It also has the ability to make calls, send texts, and numerous other features. Google is also said to be working on a smartwatch of its own.  Motorola’s smartwatch patent filings were the center of much attention when it was discovered. And of course, Samsung is not to be left behind.