Apple Debuts AirTags to Let You Find Items

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Apple debuts a new product for its kingdom. The people of Apple Land will now have the ability to take advantage of Apple AirTag to find their stuff when it goes missing. All you have to do is attach one of these items to your keys or other aspects like your bag. Then you will find that you will easily find your items as quickly as possible. They then are trackable in the Find My App section. Did you know that you can also stay aware of your Apple devices.

How Does the AirTag Work?

It works by merely attaching one of these tiles to your precious items. Remember that these items can vary in that they can be your wallet, phone, keys, or other items. You can hear a sound coming from the item. When you hear the sound, you can follow it and find your item. It as simple as pinging it, hearing the sound and searching for it. You do not have to frantically clean the whole apartment or house looking in each corner and crevice to obtain your item.

The AirTag is useful when paired with the iPhone because you can have Precision Finding. What is precision finding? It is a feature that enables you to know which direction to go and how far it is from your present location. Apple notes that it is able to present aspect to you because of Ultra Wideband Technology. This technology is essentially, low energy, short distance, high bandwidth communications. It works with several iPhone 11 and 12 models.

With a Little Help From My Friends for the AirTag

This feature is rather intriguing. Did you know that you can work with others when you left something at the beach, at the library or the gym? Yep, with Find My Network, millions of devices around the world can help you find your Airtag and item. What’s better? You preserve your privacy all throughout your journey.

This feature is pretty cool. It works by having your Airtag send out a Bluetooth signal which communicates with local devices in the find My Network. Those local devices will send the location of the Airtag to the iCloud and you can then find where it is on your map.

At first, I thought that the Apple Airtag was not that innovative. I mean, I’m interested in seeing an Apple car or another brilliant innovation from Apple. But at second glance, aspects like finding your item with the Airtag, regardless of where you placed it can make a difference due to Apple and its large network.

There are several competitors out there that have done this concept for several years now but Apple improves on it by adding its network as another element. That’s the value of having several devices all around the world. From iPads to iPhones and other devices in Apple ecoystem, the company is able to use this infrastructure to add to other services like the Airtag and sell that over time.

It costs $29 for one or $99 for a 4 pack.






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