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In the Pits? Anxiety Relief May Come from Cherry Pits

Santa Barbara-based Hot Cherry® Brand Puts Pits in Your Pillows

SANTA BARBARA, CA – (November 15, 2022) – Hot Cherry® pillows are filled with clean, dried cherry pits. When heated, they deliver moist, penetrating heat. They bring instant relief when placed on tight, sore muscles, tummy aches, or cold feet.

Cherry Pit Pillows Arrive in America

Almost everyone has heard about microwavable pain relievers like buckwheat pillows or socks filled with rice, corn, flax, and other herbal pillows. The advantage of cherry pit pillows over herbal or grain-filled pillows is that they’re completely machine-washable. Few Americans have heard about cherry pit pillows. They are, in fact, a Swiss tradition. Foundry workers used heated cherry pit sacks to ease their sore muscles after long days of hard physical work.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, in the pits? Anxiety relief may come from cherry pits, living

“I have a friend who was raised in Switzerland, and she remembers her grandmother having a little door on the side of the wood-burning stove where she warmed sacks filled with cherry pits,” said J’Nelle Holland. “After dinner, her grandmother would place the pit sacks in their beds. Covered with down comforters, those cherry pit sacks kept the family warm on long snowy nights.”

The trend soon spread to Germany, where they have their own term for a cherry pit pillow, Kirschkernkissen. “I purchased my first cherry pit pack in London. So it’s safe to say cherry pit-filled pillows are well-known and loved in many colder European countries,” Holland said.

Hot Cherry® brand pillows come in various fabrics and sizes, from eye pillows to body pillows. Choose from natural-dyed 100% cotton denim or plush maraschino ultra suede.

Sustainable Pits Only

Often I’m asked, “Who eats all those cherries to get those pits?” I’m proud to answer that our source of cherry pits is 100% from the most precious and favored Montmorency tart cherries. Every July, when cherries come in season, the Montmorency cherries are pitted and juiced as a nutritional supplement that aids arthritis, gout and sleep, because they contain high levels of antioxidants and melatonin. Instead of going to a landfill, those pits become part of a sustainable product that is used in spa massage, chiropractic care, and a home remedy for pain relief. They can also be chilled in the freezer for use as a cold pack.

The Perfect Holiday Gift

Hot Cherry Pillows make wonderful gifts for the entire family. Moms find them useful for warming a baby’s crib, enticing excited kids into bed, and caring for the elderly, who are always cold. Hard to gift teen and tween girls love them to relieve cramps and tummy aches. Athletes find comfort in their overused muscles; everyone can use stress relief and relaxation. Hot Cherry Pillows are great gifts for teachers, coworkers, and caregivers.

About Hot Cherry® Pillows

Hot Cherry® is a certified, woman-owned business that employs American workers and uses sustainable, native cherry pits to make pillows that help people feel better. Made with love, right here in the US of A. Sewn in a family shop in Southern California, Hot Cherry pillows are as comforting for the conscience as they are for the body. Our cherry pits are a by-product of the Michigan tart cherry industry that would otherwise go to a landfill, and they are cleaned and dried with a patented process without chemicals. Our denim gets its lovely red color from a natural dye made from Hawaiian macadamia tree bark. Our blue denim is created from natural indigo dye. Hot Cherry product packaging is minimal, and 95% of our shipping materials are recycled.

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