AnimeOnHand: Free Anime Episodes That You Can Stream Instantly

AnimeOnHand Has All of Your Favorite Episodes

AnimeOnHand is a digital library that hosts over thirty-nine pages filled with thousands of episodes of anime shows that you can stream instantly on your phone or computer. The site has a search engine and fairly comprehensive episode listings that allows you to find the classic anime show you’ve been dying to binge watch while you’re at work on your lunch break or on the bus ride home. For Dragon Ball Z fans especially, the site has 291 episodes available for instant streaming.

What’s great about the website is you don’t have to download any applications, and you don’t need to be a member of the website. You don’t have to set up a profile unless you want to keep track of your episode viewing history. All you have to do is visit their page. If you have a tablet or mobile device with a reliable wireless connection, you can start streaming anime episodes instantly.


Along with having a large Dragon Ball Z library, the site also hosts a decent collection of Gundam shows, episodes of Bleach, Naruto, Pokemon, and Full Metal Alchemist, just to name a few. You can learn more about this anime from Manga Insider.The site also features a lot of movies that are tied to popular anime shows, but their movie listings aren’t as comprehensive as their television listings.

Binge Watch on Your Mobile Device

There are a lot of websites that stream anime movies- too many to name in this posting, but thanks to one loyal and passionate anime fan on Imgur, there are several listings of some must-watch anime movies that you can view online to become a mega-anime maniac.

AnimeOnHand is compatible with most mobile phones with wireless access and video streaming capabilities, such as iPhone or Android devices. However, the Dragon Ball Z episode listings can be kind of confusing, especially if you’re searching for specific episodes by name. If you’re a Dragon Ball Z fan like me, looking to relive the glory of the old episodes, you can also check out or download this $3 Dragon Ball Z app to get your DBZ manga fix.

Despite some minor maintenance issues with the website (nothing that really distracts from its usability), it’s a pretty incredible time we’re living in when we have anime available at hand any time we want to watch it. I’m sure many of you hardcore manga and anime fans are used to this type of mobile technology, or if you’re from Japan, this stuff is probably being beamed into your dreams at night, but for old-timers like me who had to grow up waiting for Toonami to get their weekly anime fix, it’s almost inconceivable that I can literally OD on anime twenty-four/seven, thanks to AnimeOnHand.

New and Old Fans Will Enjoy This

Whether you’re a hardcore anime fan or a new fan who wants to immerse yourself in the genre, check out AnimeOnHand, if for no other reason than to combat your Monday work-a-day Anime withdrawal blues, or check them out on twitter @AnimeOnHand to keep up-to-date on website uploads, maintenance, and general news. Also, if anyone reading this knows of any websites that are as good or better than AnimeOnHand, please share them in the comments section. See you later, Space Cowboys.

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