Amazon Reportedly Working on a 3D Smartphone

After a year of rumors and reports regarding Amazon’s smartphone, a latest report has surfaced stating that the online retail giant is actually working on two smartphones, while one of the two handsets is a 3D phone.

Amazon smartphone 2013

According to WSJ, Amazon is actually working on two handsets instead of one. One of the two phones will be a 3D phone. The report claims that Amazon is building a wide range of gadgets. The phone that will sport a 3D screen won’t require any 3D glasses, and according to anonymous sources may even come with eye tracking technology, allowing users to navigate their phone by eye movement.

Reportedly, Amazon is looking to launch some of these devices in the market within a few months. Although, sources also warned that few or all of these devices could not make it to the market at all due to certain financial, performance or other issues.

Even though Amazon officials have declined to comment on this situation, for the last few years Amazon has been heavily involved in hardware development, in order to broaden its reach and compete with other large manufacturers like Apple and Google.

With a smartphone launch, Amazon would be joining the likes of Samsung and Apple, both of these companies dominate the mobile market in the U.S.

At this point, no extra details have been leaked regarding Amazon’s smartphone, there are no words on the specs or even the name of the phones, but we’re certain that the name will be something similar to “Kindle Phone”. Amazon likes to sell their devices at a very cheap price because the company doesn’t want to make money when they sell hardware. Instead it benefits from the services it offers and the content users buy for its devices.

Amazon Phone

The smartphone market is heavily crowded by big players and it would take a lot more than just a 3D screen to make a mark on it. So, Amazon better have a decent strategy for its smartphone line-up if it wants to succeed in the market. Decent pricing and high-end specs would definitely help the company, same as the Kindle Fire tablets did.

What would you like to see in the Amazon smartphone? Do you prefer Amazon App Store over Google Play store? Let us know.