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All Of Us Launches New Site and Goes Live Soon

All Of Us is for Everyone

You might have heard about All of Us in the past. The firm came out of stealth mode last year and made appearances at prominent financial conferences, letting people know about all about All of Us. The founders of the firm aim to hone in on the continued rising trend of focusing on the general investor. You’ve probably seen Acorns, M1 Finance, Paypal, Square, SoFi, Stash, Stockpile and Robinhood. These are just a few of the many apps that want to cater to the mass investor.


Well, there’s significant value there. Entities like Square understand there’s a growing base of people who love stocks such as Amazon, Apple, Disney, Nike, Nio, Tesla, Snapchat, and Twitter. The consensus is that there’s a broad base of investors that want to have exposure to the market but may not want to conduct in-depth research, study trends, and understand fundamentals.

Sky High Valuations

Robinhood and Square are some of the more known entities in the sector with a wide base of loyal users. The former is valued in the private market at over $5 billion, while the latter is public and has a marketcap of $35 billion. This isn’t necessarily an apples to apples comparison, still, there’s something to be gleaned from it. Square wouldn’t step into the segment if it didn’t see the value of distributing the service to its large audience. Meanwhile, Robinhood is facing direct competition in other geographic markets as well, indicating substantial value.

But All of Us wants to approach the market with a little twist.

Let’s learn a bit more about All of Us financial.

How Does All Of Us Make a Difference?

Simple. All of Us financial will create a system that keeps the investor in mind in each and every single aspect. Remember that the app can’t do the same thing as all of the other applications, they have to one up them in a couple of ways.

So what does that mean for the general investor?

For potential users of All of Us, it will be more transparency and revenue share. Specifically, users will get revenue share in every single revenue line according to company. That’s certainly stepping it up a notch.

All of us Financial’s website states “they share in payments received for orders when they trade, customers are also shown on their homepage exactly how much money All of Us has earned on them year-to-date, as well as how much we have saved them.”

Will that be enough to entice users?

The financial app thinks that it must push the boundaries even more by designing for and around the community. I think that’s a great idea because it potentially allows for experiences similar to SeekingAlpha or that of Stocktwits. Investors have even commented how Twitter and other firms like Google missed the boat on curating and catering to its investor community.


So, what do you think? Wold you give All of Us a shot? Would you want to get paid to trade?

You can sign up to join today.


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