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Airpod Case Not Charging

If your AirPods case has problems charging, you need to run several checks before thinking of reaching out to the store. It’s pretty easy to tell when the case is faulty. Faulty cases will even charge your AirPods, but they stop charging once you unplug them. Others have their battery capacity stuck at 0%.  We’ve got the best fixes to these charging issues. 

Check USB

Sometimes we think the case is faulty, but a damaged USB cable could be the problem. Whether the device is wireless or not, try plugging it with another USB cable into the wall charger or PC. 

Try A Different Charger

You can try other options to ascertain whether the USB is really the problem. This means plugging the AirPods case into different PC ports and USB wall adapters. If both the charger and the cable are working perfectly with other devices, the issue could be the AirPod case. 

Reset The AirPod Case

All these charging issues could also be emanating from the software. So, if the charger and the cable are fine, you can reset the case altogether. Resetting usually solves any software issue and should have your AirPod case charging again.

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