How to Acheive Internet Success

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Let’s say you’re a blogger. Or perhaps you writer fan fiction. Or maybe you have an Etsy and are trying to sell something. Regardless, you want to be successful on the internet. You want lots of people to reach your page and Like it, or buy what you have, or read your stuff.

You’ve tried posting on your Facebook wall, and you’ve got 15 or 16 hits. You Tweet it, you Instagram it, and Pin it, you make it available on every social media outlet, but that flood of interest just isn’t making it over the gats of anonymity. Isn’t social media supposed to be connecting people and enabling you? How exactly do you become successful on the internet?


Have Original, Interesting Content

“The Blog of my Journey,” and “Conquering Boredom” are the kind of cliché vague blogs or posts that people won’t click on. Odds are, if you are using the events of your life to attract people without making them seem super exciting and out of the ordinary, no one is going to want to view your content. Come up with titles that spark intrigue. People love conflict, so employ and discuss controversy. Look at everything your favorite, most successful blogs do, but make it better—and different! Go for originality.


Continue to Advertise

Supposedly, a neutral audience has to be stimulated seven times in order to make a decision. Links that appear multiple times will strike familiarity on the user, and the interesting titles you’re totally using will spark curiosity eventually. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the Double Rainbow video didn’t go viral until several months until after it had been uploaded, so keep at it.


Know Someone Who is Successful

Speaking of Double Rainbows, check out this TED talk about how things on the internet go viral in the first place. Youtube’s Kevin Allocca gives four helpful examples, but he mainly focuses on the idea of Tastemakers, people who already have the public’s attention, and can direct it elsewhere. Odds are, you have connections to people who are slightly more famous than you. Or maybe your friends have connections. You probably won’t get Tweeted by Jimmy Kimmel, but someone featuring you on their platform, or perhaps doing a guest post, can help direct web traffic in your direction.


Get a Google Plus Page

This last tip might surprise you, as the stigma attached to Google plus is that the site is a ghost town, with everyone happily dwelling on Facebook, Twitter or other social media outlets. Google, however, does offer a huge perk of using their contribution to social media, one that can push you toward internet success. If you advertise on Google Plus, your name is more likely to appear in Google searches. This could be an invaluable tool to direct traffic to your site.