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A New Take on a Classic Gadget

Being Geeks, we love gadgets around here and while a lot of them come across our desks or are otherwise brought to our attention, we only share when something really catches our fancy. Additionally, we love startups and crowdfunding and when they include gadgets that are SO cool they BLOW AWAY their pledge goals and open a variety of stretch goals, we kind of feel obligated to spread the word.

Marbolous fits the bill on all counts.

This gadget is a reinvention of the classic marble track and is the “world’s first 360° design.” Admittedly, I haven’t gotten my grubby little hands on one as of yet but with as cool as it is and the fact that it’s SO popular that they’ve surpassed their Kickstarter goal by over $300,000 USD, I just HAD to share it.

First, check out this quirky, unique video by the inventors.

Okay, these guys seem pretty damn cool themselves but it’s the Marbolous that I want to make sure you all know about.

A lot of us have various things to help us rest our minds a minute, especially during a rough workday, but fidget spinners and kinetic sculptures only provide so much respite. Luckily, the Marbolous looks like something I could spend a break messing with every day without ever growing bored.

They’ve incorporated the near-hypnotizing effects of marble tracks into a modern, natural, and minimalistic aesthetic to create a completely new 360° design object and with MARBOLOUS, you’re able to interact with design. 

It’s made with high quality materials (no plastic) by a team with decades of experience in engineering and product design and they’ve created a quality product that is perfect for home or office. 

The mechanical lifting system for the marbles is integrated within the unique 360° metal track and it’s all protected from dust and debris with a nice looking glass dome.

All-in-all, it’s no wonder that they’ve surpassed their crowdfunding goals. It’s a damned cool device.

Visit the Marbolous Kickstarter campaign for more information or to get your hands on one before these special early bird prices are gone.

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