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9 Smart Fitness Products to Take Your Workouts Into the Future

Smart Fitness is a new trend that has gained significant growth over the past few years. Numerous technologies can help you achieve your fitness goals quickly. They have also turned the boring workout routines more exciting and compelling.

Let’s look at nine recent workout products that will take your workout to the next level. 

  1. Smart Scales

Although smart scales have been around for quite some time, newer inventions are more advanced than others. For example, a more recent version of a smart scale can measure body fat percentage, bone mass, water weight, and muscle mass. It can also perform cardiovascular checkups in a few seconds. These metrics are pretty enough to provide insight into your health. 

  1. Advanced Smart Watches

Smartwatches are excellent devices for keeping track of your health and fitness. A smartwatch can track your heart rate, walking or jogging distance, sleep, and blood pressure, among other essential aspects for monitoring physical health activity.

  1. Smart Water Bottles

Water is essential to your health and keeping the body fit and free from dehydration. However, you might forget the right time to drink water throughout the day. A smart water bottle comes in handy as it connects to your smartphone for consistent updates on water-intake time. This ensures you hit your required water drinking goals daily. 

  1. Smart Foam Rollers

Most people experience back pain and knots after each workout, and this can be solved using a foam roller. However, there is a new invention of a smart foam roller to help prevent post-workout pain and knots. It has customizable vibration levels, and you can use an app on your smartphone to control your experience. Its 3-4 battery hour life is best for prolonged use, and it can easily fit in your workout bag. 

  1. Smart Mirrors

Smart mirrors might be the best option if you want a virtual yet out-of-this-world workout experience. Some of the device’s features include a smart motion tracker, a workout app connection, and a connection to certified personal trainers virtually during your training sessions. 

  1. Smart Metabolism Devices

You can now track your body’s metabolism using handheld devices known as smart metabolism devices. These help you increase or decrease your body fat burning, water intake, digestion, and improve your overall metabolism. All you have to do is breathe into the device and measure the level of carbon dioxide in your breath. 

  1. Smart Weight Lifting Equipment 

If you prefer working out from home but lack the appropriate gym equipment, the smart weight lifting equipment is for you. This device allows you to adjust the weight from low to medium to heavy with a simple turn of a dial.

  1. Smart Jump Ropes

The smart jump ropes will work just fine if you like rope jumps. Essentially, the cords connect to an app on your smartphone and record the calories burned and your jump count. You can set your workout goals and watch your progress using this data. 

  1. Smart Muscle Stimulator

This is a smart device that helps you recover from exercise. It is an electric muscle stimulator that you can connect with your mobile phone app. You can control the stimulator through an app o your phone for a relaxing massage post-workout.

The world of workouts is overwhelming, but smart devices are here to help you through. Using these devices will help you achieve your workout goals to your health’s advantage.


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