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8 Ways to Maintain Your iPhone’s Battery Health

It is undeniable that users adore iPhones due to the devices’ advanced tech. Sure, the iPhone is easy to handle, but it requires great care as part of your social life. 

It would be best to take care of your iPhone because it facilitates communication. One component that needs utmost care and attention is your iPhone’s battery. Here are 8 ways you can maintain it. 

  1. Maintain Your Charging Cycles

You should know that after 500 complete charge cycles, your iPhone starts holding less charge than its capacity. If you completely drain your battery each of these cycles, it will reduce its health and eventually its lifetime. For this reason, try maintaining your battery charge from 40% to 80% as much as you can. 

  1. Avoid Leaving Your iPhone Uncharged for Too Long

Lithium-ion batteries have cells that hold power when charged, and one of their biggest killers is leaving them at zero charge for long periods. Always take advantage of the low power alerts to prevent its charge from falling below 20% to maintain and extend its lifespan. 

  1. Don’t Leave the Phone Charging Overnight 

The most convenient option for smartphone users is to leave their iPhones charging overnight. However, this habit leads to overcharging and damage to battery cells due to forced charge current. Luckily, there is a feature you can use to stop charging when the battery hits 100%, even if left overnight.

  1. Always Turn Off Unused Features

There are a lot of power-hungry features that, if left unused, can ruin the health of your battery. These can include mobile games, Bluetooth, and push notifications. Also, lowering the screen brightness when you’re not using the phone saves battery usage. 

  1. Keep your iPhone off Extreme Temperature Changes 

Instant extreme temperature changes can affect the battery’s health and lifespan. These can include power surges, shocks, short circuits, placing your iPhone near fire or ice, or any action that suddenly changes its temperatures, 

  1. Use only Chargers Approved by Apple

There are a lot of companies that produce low-quality iPhone chargers. While they achieve the same intention of charging your phone, they may not be compatible with your phone’s battery. They may cause short circuits, which will significantly accelerate the demise of your battery. 

  1. Invest in a Good Phone Case

Dust and other dirt particles can accumulate on your iPhones battery components if you don’t have them covered with a case. An excellent waterproof phone case can also prevent water from contacting your phone’s components which can cause short circuits. 

  1. Upgrade to the Latest Version of iOS

Modern operating systems are optimized to improve performance and speed and increase your phone’s lifespan. One component that benefits from these updates is your battery, as improved performance and speed means it does not struggle much to operate. Another benefit is that these updates track which apps drain the battery the most and which ones are running in the background.  

Taking good care of your battery and getting your iPhone SE Refurbished is one way to ensure you prolong the lifespan of your beloved iPhone. Besides, maintaining your phone’s battery will help avoid consistent shutdowns, app crashes, etc.

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