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9 Best Coding Games to Build Your Programming Skills

With the rising digital climate, artificial intelligence has taken over the world rapidly. And so, learning how to code can and program is the need of the hour. It is the need of the hour because of the rapid move to digital transformation. Everyone who learns how to code does not have to sit in front of a computer and code all day. Instead, we can see the programming and coding can value in a wide variety of ways.

You can use it for your own projects and get products launched that could turn into billion dollar companies.

It is a tough road for many.

Yes, unlike other boring subjects, programming is fun only if it is learned that way. And so, playing coding games is a fun way to learn while enjoying it. 

Remember when as a child you would skip meals and wanted to delay bedtime to play Nintendo games? Well, coding games are now the same. Did you know you can learn while playing games? In this guide you will get help with coding homework for free, as we have covered nine of the best coding games you need to play to build your programming skills.

#1. Untrusted

The first we have is Untrusted. Untrusted is one of the biggest online games designed for individuals who wish to enhance their JavaScript skills. The platform requires individuals to enter virtual reality and generate new JavaScript code at every level. 

#2. Robocode

Robocode is yet another platform designed solely to practice coding skills. This game allows players to build a battle bank by using programming codes and language. 

#3. Elevator Saga 

Elevator Saga is a coding game where users can improve their coding skills. There are several levels and challenges that players need to accomplish. This gaming platform focuses on algorithm optimization approaches. 

#4. Vim Adventures

As the name suggests, Wim Adventures focuses on learning WIM keywords and other necessary WIM concepts. It creates a helpful environment where you can easily learn and understand the text editor, Vim. 

#5. CodeCombat

If you are a beginner or have zero to no knowledge of coding, we have good news for you. CodeCombat is a gaming platform made for users who do not know how to code. This game focuses on enhancing programming for amateurs and beginners. 

#6. CSS Diner

Next, we have the CSS Diner. This programming game enables players to master CSS skills. It has over 32 levels, and each has its specialty. 

#7. Screeps

Another yet popular coding game in the programming world is Screeps. The online real-time game requires its users to have some coding knowledge beforehand. So, if we are new to the coding world, it is always better not to start with Screeps. Screeps is specially designed for people who have some expertise in programming. The real-time game focuses on the JavaScript programming language. 

#8. Check10

Check10 is yet another coding game that will enhance your programming skills. It mainly focuses on TypeScript and Python. The best part about it is this game is suitable for both programmers and amateurs. Players used to solve puzzles and travel from island to island. 

#9. Code Hunt

The last we have is Code Hunt. If you want to learn new stuff and enhance your programming skills, Code Hunt is the right choice for you. Yes, the online game is developed by Microsoft researchers where players need to solve various coding puzzles to complete each level. Firstly, players need to identify the puzzle and then solve the code. 


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