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8 Online Communities for Seniors to Join

Old age comes with boredom and loneliness as it becomes difficult to socialize. However, joining select online communities can help the elderly feel connected, enjoy their leisure time, and make new friends.  

While there’s a wide array of online communities on different social media platforms, not all are suitable for the elderly. Read on to find out eight of the best online communities for seniors. 

  1. American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)

The non-profit organization seeks to improve the lives of the aged. Besides addressing the needs of older people, AARP advocates for social change. 

The website has forums discussing different topics such as caregiving, family, home, money, entertainment, and health.

The online community has thousands of helpful and friendly members. So, whether you are an aged expert or just want to discuss with fellow seniors, AARP is a good option. The platform has several new posts every day and provides ACE badges to all helpful and active members. 

  1. Senior Forums

Senior Forums is regarded as the most vibrant community of senior citizens discussing various topics ranging from interests to retirement. The most popular and active forums conduct general discussions mostly on finance, health, and retirement. The platform also has unique threads like Days Gone By, Diaries, and Military Veterans. 

Members can join the discussion in the comment section or choose to follow it through email notifications. Simply visit the site and complete the easy and quick sign-up process. 

  1. Buzz50

As the name suggests, Buzz50 is a social networking site for people aged 50 years and above. The site has a variety of communities to keep everyone entertained. The forums hold regularly updated discussions with topics ranging from leisure to health. 

The networking site also has chat rooms where members can start conversations and send virtual gifts. In addition, seniors can enjoy browser-based games on the Buzz50 site. 

  1. Silversurfers

This UK-based site targets seniors with common interests. You can share your experience on Silversurfers forums or voice your opinion on any topic on the Speaker’s Corner. Besides, you can start a private or group chat with friends directly on the forum. 

Notably, Silversurfers has a local community section that shows your area’s businesses, people, and events. Some of the trending topics on the site include insurance, travel, finance, and health. 

The site has also partnered with brands putting its members among the first consumers to learn of any new products and discounts. The thousands of visitors flocking the site every month make it so active that you need a $6 per month subscription to enjoy lucky draws, live events, webinars, and fitness classes. 

  1. Gransnet

Gransnet targets grandparents or anyone in that category. The site covers various topics, with the most popular sub forums being “ask a gran, films, legal and money, house and home, and health.” Gransnet also has a meet-ups forum for elders to organize and meet in person. 

You can filter threads by the time they were last updated or trending. In the same way, you can add images, smileys, and any format to your discussion. The site also has a newsletter, news, and feature articles section. 


This networking site for grown-ups has dozens of forums with categories ranging from leisure to health. In addition to the categories, has groups to share photos and personalized messages with members. 

Seniors can also create personal blogs to express their opinions and share experiences and photos with others. Another benefit of joining the online community is accessing featured articles on seniors-related topics. 


This online forum is designated for people over 50 years and has more than 15,000 discussion threads. The most popular forums in SENIORSonly CLUB include getting it done, on the lighter side, entertainment, and education. You can watch any thread of interest or follow the entire forum. 

One notable forum is the “I Remember When” forum, where members recall the good old days. In the same way, seniors can play games and share riddles and jokes on the “The Lighter Side” forum. 

SENIORSonly CLUB has a reward program for old and active members accorded titles like Supreme member or Veteran member. 

  1. My Boomer Place

As the name indicates, My Boomer Place is a networking site for baby boomers. Common features of the site include an image gallery, chatrooms, blogs, and forums. Popular subforums include boomer help, word game, humor, and politics. 

My Boomer Place also has video collections, music, polls, users’ blogs, and a dedicated Q&A page. 

Connect With Fellow Seniors Online

The online communities highlighted here are suitable for any older adult feeling lonely. They simply need to register on any of these and make new friends, interact, and share experiences. This way, they feel entertained and learn new things from other people’s experiences. Besides the connection, reading insightful blogs is an excellent way to pass the time for the elderly.

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