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7 ‘Star Wars’ Items You Didn’t Know You Needed

by Ashley Coker
'Star Wars' Items You Didn't Know You Needed

You can never have too much Star Wars merch. If that tried and true logo t-shirt is showing its age and that beloved Skywalker poster leftover from your college days has finally ripped, it’s officially time to refresh you memorabilia! This time, why not go for something a little more unexpected? We have a list of the Star Wars-inspired items you never knew you were missing!

1. R2-D2 Mini Crayons from Etsy ($4)

What better way to pay tribute to a childhood staple like Star Wars than by owning a set of crayons shaped like the world’s most lovable robot? An amazing amount of detail and precision almost makes these crayons too impressive to use. If you can get over that, coloring some of your favorite scenes is sure to get you amped up for your next Star Wars binge watch. If not, staring at them as they take up space on your desk will probably do the trick.

2. Death Star Tea Infuser from ThinkGeek ($19.99)

We’ve talked about this before, but it deserves another mention. If you’re going to fight the Empire, you’re going to need your daily dose of antioxidants! After all that spying and scheming, it’ll feel great to settle down with a warm cup of tea. Just fill the Death Star with the loose leaf tea of your choice and get sipping.

3. Star Wars  Darth Vader toaster from Bed Bath & Beyond ($49.99)

When you’re running late, all you have time to do for breakfast is throw a couple of slices of bread in the toaster. For those of us who run late everyday, endless slices of plain bread have a way of getting a little stale. Imprinting the Star Wars logo on your breakfast is sure to add more flavor to your morning. Be careful though, don’t let Darth Vader win you over with his deliciousness.

4. Star Wars -inspired Tattoos from Etsy ($15)

Have you ever considered getting inked to show you Star Wars support, then promptly recalled your debilitating fear of needles? Or your commitment issues? Or the fact that your mom would stop inviting you to Christmas dinner? Fret no more, because there is a solution for you! These tats draw inspiration from your favorite scenes and characters, as well as classic tattoo trends. You can finally show some washable Star Wars love without looking like an overzealous toddler who was let loose with a dollar store sheet of temporary tattoos and a wet rag.

5. Yoda-shaped Lights from Jaf Gifts ($16.44)

Remember in college when you decorated your dorm room with Christmas lights all year? Maybe it was just because you were too broke to buy new decor, but you must admit, it looked pretty cool. Reclaim that look and honor the wisest little green dude in your life with these Yoda-shaped lights. Warning: Adorning your cubicle with these may result in jealous coworkers.

6. Star Wars  Origami Set from Target ($12.20)

When you’ve just come home from a long day restoring democracy, or Chewbacca has chewed up your slippers again, sometimes the best thing you can do is work with your hands. This themed origami set supplies you with everything you need to de-stress or get through a rainy afternoon.

7. Mounted Tauntaun from Etsy ($59.95)

If your walls are feeling a little drab, giving this legendary snow lizard an everyday place in your home is a surefire fix! You’ll never be lacking for dinner conversation again when your guests spy this little creature looking straight at them.

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