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7 Sites with Tips to Help You Go Zero Waste

If you want to adopt a zero-waste lifestyle, these websites have everything you need. 

The unrecyclable garbage piling up already is making waste a concern, and the matter could exacerbate with time. As a result, people worldwide have started adapting to individual input to reduce their waste. With that comes zero waste movement. 

Going to zero waste is a journey but not a daunting one. You don’t need to make drastic lifestyle changes at once. Read the resources highlighted below to implement zero waste.

  1. Zero Waste Home

Zero Waste Home website is a full-on movement to help people reduce waste. Many people consider the site as the original zero waste blog and the author, Bea Johnson, is a renowned speaker who helps people “Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Rot” waste in any possible way. 

Through the website, Bea has become a bestselling author as she enables you to incorporate manageable change to live a waste-free life. 

  1. Trash Is for Tossers

When Lauren Singer did a TEDxTeen talk about zero waste, she became popular hence the rise and rise of her Trash is for Tossers website. Interestingly, Lauren has repeatedly admitted that Zero Waste Home author Bea Johnson inspired her passion for changing lifestyle and reducing waste.

Singer leads by example when it comes to zero waste. She moved to a smaller place in the big New York City, offering insights on how she made the switch. Her advice for members of the movement has changed their perspective on zero waste and helped them believe in it. According to Singer’s insights, zero waste is not about living in the wilderness. 

Go to Trash is for Tossers for tricks and tips on living an eco-friendly life. This may include doing some package-free shopping, making simple swaps for everyday items, etc. 

  1. Going Zero Waste

Kathryn Kellogg’s passion for helping people see their choices’ impact led to the establishment of the Going Zero Waste website. The author ensures that members and newcomers are under no pressure to behave accordingly. She believes that zero waste is not about being perfect but making the right decisions. 

The Going Zero waste site advises on waste reduction while also guiding members on how to live eco-consciously inside and out. This way, you will make healthier choices overall using natural ingredients and eco products in your daily life. 

Going Zero waste site helps you discover tips to live a waste-free life, including home products and homemade recipes.  

  1. My Plastic-Free Life

Beth Terry started her My Plastic Free Life blog when working towards decreasing the high amount of plastic she was producing. The blog details approaches and the most effective waste reduction strategies. 

The My Plastic Free Life blog recommends zero waste products alongside a supplier list and other readings.  

Beth has also included some plastic-free challenges that you can apply to your life and discover how easy they are to overcome. The author points out the need for personal responsibility and the need for large corporations to follow suit. 

  1. Eco Boost

Kate Arnell’s Eco Boost website has zero waste tutorials and practical guides easy to implement in your daily life. Kate uniquely presents her blogs to avoid depressing you or riddling you with guilt. 

Kate also has a YouTube channel trying to reach out to people interested in joining the zero-waste movement. Visit the Eco Boost site and learn how achievable, better, and simple an eco-conscious lifestyle is. 

  1. Greenify Me

In 2015, Ariana Palmieri started the Greenify Me website to record her journey navigating green beauty. The site turned into a cornucopia of zero waste ideas and tricks when Ariana joined the zero-waste movement in 2017.   

So, if you want to be less wasteful, Greenify Me offers a ton of advice, including a prescription for recyclable lasses and the best zero waste contact lenses. It’s fantastic that Greenify Me spotlights things that not many people think twice about. 

  1. Zero Waste Nerd

In 2016, Megean decided to change her life and live a waste-free lifestyle. She also knew that she needed to hold herself accountable, and the best way was to write blogs about the new plastic-free lifestyle. 

By documenting her journey on the Zero Waste Nerd website, Megean helps other interested parties. 

Zero Waste Nerd addresses specific scenarios and items, providing examples on how to handle each. For instance, Megean helps you manage the challenges of traveling while maintaining zero-waste lifestyle-easy and effective ways to maintain the lifestyle while on a trip. 

The website also has helpful tips on reducing energy use and even repurposing and reusing various items. 

Zero Waste Is Worth Trying

Reducing your waste and offsetting your carbon footprint can be pretty daunting, but it’s quite doable. You have to monitor your home, every purchase you make, and everything else.

As most listed websites suggest, even baby steps can make a difference. Simply switch to mesh shopping bags, invest in reusable products, repurpose old items or decrease your plastic usage where you can. Every minor change you implement in your lifestyle ultimately has a positive impact, so give it a try. 

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