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7 Best Tools to Boost UX Designer’s Work in 2022

UI and UX designers are always developing and creating/applying innovative tools that both simplify and at the same time improve the work and the final result.

Some of these changes may cause concern because they are brand new and not yet well explored, or just unexpected. For example, machine learning for UI/UX design. Although ML has been used by top-notch UX design services, many specialists are still afraid to delve into this topic. But there is also something eternal – tools that you simply cannot do without as a specialist in design.

Today we’ll talk about them. Let’s go!

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, 7 best tools to boost ux designer's work in 2022, internet

#1. Hotjar

Hotjar is a UX and CRO tool that helps designers see how visitors interact with websites. You may use Hotjar to discover what your users are doing on your site and ask them questions about their real-time experience. This valuable information will help you understand why the conversion action is not taking place and trigger you make some necessary changes.

#2. Figma

Figma is used for a wide range of visual tasks, from designing website layouts to constructing mobile app interfaces and prototyping.

Figma can operate in the browser, just like on macOS and Windows, giving access to projects from any computer or platform without the need to acquire multiple licenses or install software. Another benefit of the program is its collaboration function, which allows numerous designers to work on the project at the same time without having to upload data locally.

#3. Sketch 

Sketch is a straightforward vector program that designers and front-end programmers use to build UX/UI components.

The Sketch is basic and quick to learn, with a user-friendly interface and cross-platform design tools. A fast preview function allows you to check how the project will look on various devices. Sketch is based on macOS, so it’s no surprise that its toolbar resembles that of the Mac. It contains a large variety of helpful plugins and resources, as well as various cloud-working capabilities.

#4. Balsamiq

Balsamiq offers a quick and easy way to get started with wireframes and layouts, which are the backbone of any design process.

With this tool, you can quickly create web or mobile mockups and draft specifications for a prototype.

#5. Adobe XD

XD is built from the bottom up with current UX/UI design in mind, and includes several capabilities not seen in other graphics apps. It addresses the key issue that rivals are unable to address: it permits interaction with non-static items and allows you to design smart dynamics on the page.

The current design process entails more than the execution of a completed drawing or template. Everything must be taken into account, from the basic structure of the project to the behavior of items on the page. Adobe XD is just perfect for building high-quality web apps, vector UI design, wireframing, engaging with interactive features, prototyping, and vector UI design.

#6. Invision Studio

InVision is a flexible design tool that focuses on offering the greatest user experience possible. It allows you to make automatically tailored interactive prototypes for various devices.

Vector drawing, interactive design, as well as built-in animation are all available in InVision Studio.

#7. is another excellent browser-based solution that enables UX/UI designers to quickly generate working prototypes. It is extremely popular among students because of its easy learning curve.

Drag & drop blocks are used to achieve the functionality: designers may use to plan, construct, and even test high-level prototypes. The program allows for simultaneous communication and includes a plethora of handy features.


As one well-known visual specialist put it, “Digital design is like painting, only the paint never dries.” So, don’t be afraid, use the appropriate instrument, apply the most daring ideas, and people will undoubtedly enjoy your work!

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