6 Smartphone Apps That Make Life Easier

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Smartphone apps
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With the technological developments over recent years, smartphone apps are becoming an increasingly significant part of our daily lives. Whether you need motivation to exercise, reminders for important dates or the latest sports scores, there is always an app to bring you such information at just the click of a button. With the demand for convenience having never been greater for customers, many companies now operate through such apps, with some of the most recognisable names in the world doing so.

With the mobile industry worth 63 billion Euros in Europe alone, driven largely by continual innovation, it probably comes as little surprise that companies such as Uber, Hungry House and Airbnb are thriving. With such apps make our everyday lives easier and more enjoyable, they are only likely to achieve further growth, with others also trying to replicate their success. Take a look at these six apps that have made our lives easier so far:


Since their foundation in 2009, Uber now operate in over 500 cities worldwide, with users taking full advantage of their easy to use transportation service. Despite having been challenged by governments and taxi companies in the past, Uber continue to go from strength to strength, with their automatic fare payments making it convenient for those on the go constantly.


Meanwhile, UK food delivery service Hungryhouse (similar to the US’ GrubHub) now works with over 100,000 restaurants, offering takeaway food in the simplest of ways. Customers are able to select from a wide range of tasty, nutritious dishes, all of which can be ordered through an easy to operate mobile app.


Audible offer best-selling novels and non-fiction titles from across the marketplace, perfect for those of you who spend vast amounts of time travelling. Never-ending traffic or a crammed train journey to work will never been the same again with the help of Audible.


Airbnb is an online marketplace for the rental of residential properties on a short-term basis, and they’ve achieved enormous success over recent years. Now operating in more than 200 countries, with over 2 million listed properties to take advantage of.


Shyp is an app that saves you the trouble of going to the post office, sending a courier straight to your door to take your parcel to a local delivery facility. Simply take a picture of your item to receive the lowest shipping rates from available couriers.


Navigating your way around a new place has never been easier with Citymapper. The app provides the quickest available methods of transport to get you to your preferred destination, even taking into consideration traffic and train delays. London, Berlin, Paris, New York and Tokyo are just some of the cities available with this convenient app.

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