5 Ways to Save Money with a VPN

Save money with a vpn

Using a Virtual Private Network is the best way to save money because online retailers base their prices on your location and browsing history.

For example, if you’re from a higher-income country, it’s more likely that you have to pay more than a third world country.

Even if the prices are the same across every country, the quality or features will differ from one country to another. Netflix has almost the same prices throughout 190+ countries but its content varies from one region to another.

Similarly, online retailers know your original location through your IP address and there’s only one way to change your IP address according to your need, and that is through a VPN.

Moreover, I’ll be telling you a few tricks that will help you save money by getting a low cost VPN.

1. Save on Flight Tickets

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A VPN will help you money on flight tickets. If you happen to visit from one country to another let’s assume Los Angeles to London, you can explore using a VPN and connecting to many different country servers to check the price.

It was our observation that the low-income countries such as India, Nepal, Pakistan, Indonesia, and other similar countries had comparatively lower prices than in the UK or US. You can also pay for the tickets online and get an e-ticket and pay through online methods.

The difference in the ticket was about $50 for one person so imagine if you’re visiting with your family you can save a lot of money.

2. Save on Hotels

Similar to flights, the same experiment can be implemented on hotels as well. If you’re planning to visit Los Angeles from London and wants to book a hotel from booking.com, you will get different prices each time you change your VPN server.

The currency will differ as well and if you convert it to the local currency, it will definitely become a big difference. You can save up to $90 to $120 if you’re booking a hotel for 2 persons. You can save additional money on buying a VPN through discounted Black Friday VPNs and get your vacations sorted.

3. Save on Subscriptions

Even though Netflix prices remain the same throughout 190+ countries as I have discussed it previously, there are so many other services that change their prices based on countries.

For example, UFC PPV prices vary from high-income countries to low-income countries. If you plan to buy a PPV from the US, Australia, UK, or Canada, the prices would be around $65 for a single PPV.

However, these prices vary dramatically from $65 to up to $20 if you purchase it from Indonesia or the Philippines.

Similarly, Hotstar is an Indian streaming service but offers its services in the US as well. But some of its shows are restricted to India alone and the price is also higher for US customers.

You can get a VPN if you’re in the US and connect to an Indian server to get a discounted price.

4. Save on Car Rentals

Car rental platforms such as enterprise.com vary their prices based on your geographical location. If you plan to book a car rental from a country such as India, Bangladesh, or Indonesia, the prices will be lower when compared with the US prices.

Even when booking a car from the UK we experienced a lower price. So it’s better to check a few other developed countries as well before you make a purchase.

5. Save on Online Gaming

The same rule applies for purchasing online games through steampowered.com. If you happen to purchase any game for example Legion TD 2 from the US, it will show a price of around $19.99. However, if you purchase the same game from India, you will get a price of about $8, which is a big difference.

Even in the UK, you will see a lower price when you compare it with US prices in dollars. You can try this method for any other games and you will see the difference in price.

Key Takeaways

VPNs are no longer a difficult software to run, but it is a money-saving tool that you can use while making purchases from all over the world. In addition to protecting your online identity, you can use it to change your IP address and virtual location.

Heck, you can even use it to protect against malware threats that looms around every day on the internet.

So, why should you pay more for the same service or a product just because you live in a different geographical setting? That’s all about to change now once you get a VPN.

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