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5 Ways Social Media is Destroying Relationships

You ever wonder why people lately have been so shy? Or why the walking into walls tally has gone up in the past decade? Maybe that’s because people don’t even talk to each other face to face anymore, or maybe because they’re too busy staring at their phones to pay attention to what’s in front of them. All in all, social media is ruining the way we interact. Some may say that’s a good thing in some aspects, I disagree. Where did face to face go? Back in the day, if you wanted to go outside with your friend, you walked to his house and you knocked on the door. Now, you just pull out your phone and text him. Now, let’s dive on in and figure out exactly why social media is ruining the way relationships work today. Here is 5 ways social media is destroying relationships.

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1. Stalking

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Social media has made it way way way too easy for people to creep on other people. It’s kinda scary that you can learn almost everything a person would need to know about someone, just by looking at their Facebook profile. Things like this are starting to make face to face interaction obsolete. It can ruin a lot of relationships because it somewhat spoils people’s sense of privacy in their life. This may seem like a good thing because significant others, “shouldn’t need privacy” but in reality, everyone needs some level of privacy from one another and social media is starting to make that extinct because you can scope peoples lives out just through the Facebook app on your phone.

2. Spoken Word is Going Extinct

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People nowadays really, really suck at talking to each other. Where exactly did communication as a skill go? Down the drain. With things like Facebook and its messaging app, texting, and IM, spoken word is leaving it’s place in the world with a whimper, not a bang. People don’t even have the decency to call people on the phone anymore. Even being a geek, I personally don’t want to live in a world where people text message each other as the primary source of communication even when they are in the same room, but this seems like what the world is coming to.

3. People Somehow Become Tougher Over a Keyboard.

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If you’re a geek, chances are you’ve either witnessed, or been a part of, an online argument. Doesn’t it seem like people get a bit tougher over the internet? Like a keyboard becomes the almighty sword of the gods. Or at least people see it that way. You can go through a few YouTube videos and expect to see a few arguments that use naughty words a little too much. I can’t tell you how many 12 year olds that say they are cops among other things there are in this world. We are definitely not in short supply of them.

4. Interpretation

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Think of being asked “Can I ask you something?” by your significant other face to face. If their tone seems like they’re somewhat curious, then they probably want to know something factual. Or if their tone is concerned, then what they want to say might concern you. Imagine reading that in a text message though. You would have no idea what kind of tone they are using. In turn, you would have no clue what they want to say to you. Or maybe the term “You’re dumb”. It could be said in a sarcastic, friendly manner, or it could be said seriously. Interpretation is very important when communicating. Without it, it can make a text conversation go bad very fast. So many arguments are started based on incorrect interpretation in text messaging.

5. Manipulation

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You ever wonder if the profile picture you see of the girl you like is actually real? Sometimes that’s not the case. People can use all kinds of trickery in social media to make them seem like something they aren’t. They can photo shop their photos to make them look better, or even use pictures of different people as their profile pic to make them seem like someone else. They use tricks like this all for mostly the same reasons, to trick people. Whether it be for money, attention, or even in worse case scenarios, things like kidnapping or murder, people use tricks to disguise themselves on the internet all the time. It can make having online relationships kind of rough because you never know who is talking to you behind that profile. The other option is getting a divorce online.