5 Tips to Maintain Online Safety Through Bitdefender Internet Security

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Officially started by the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Cybersecurity Awareness Month has entered its 18th year in 2021. As hinted by its name, the month is all about raising awareness about the threats to our cybersecurity and the measures we can take to protect ourselves against them.

While there are some great companies/products you can find out there like when you visit SCYTHE, as one of the world’s most sought after cybersecurity software providers, Bitdefender stands tall in celebrating Cybersecurity Awareness Month. In order to spread the word about maintaining online safety, the brand holds its own Cybersecurity Awareness Month Campaign that shares various tips and best practices to strengthen your online security.

Being in line with this mission, the following details shed light on how to maintain your online safety on a daily basis. Additionally, this information also outlines how the Bitdefender Internet Security software can help you seamlessly follow each suggestion with its high-end security solutions. Since kids may also access the internet, the best course of action is to teach them safe internet usage practices.

1. Don’t Operate Without Protection

In a world where online threats can strike at every step, it is critical that you have the right tools by your side to maintain your security. No matter if you are performing work-related tasks by yourself or installing remote learning solutions for your child, operating without proper security software exposes you to various vulnerabilities. These threats include viruses, malware, adware, and spyware.

Thankfully, installing the right tools can become as easy as taking a walk in the park. With Bitdefender Internet Security, you can have ideal protection across your work laptop, gaming PC, tablets, and phones with a single suite of solutions. This gives you a straightforward way to stay safe in the face of multiple threats.

Since the solution comes with built-in antivirus protection and also stretches over to firewall and multi-device security, it gives you the ability to protect your interconnected network like a professional. As a result, you can ensure total internet security for yourself and your family without stretching yourself thin. 

2. Maintain Strong Passwords

Using your first name, date of birth, or the name of your children for passwords may seem like a good idea at first. But doing so exposes your accounts to hackers and malicious entities. In addition to compromising your social media profiles, this could also lead you to lose control over your financial accounts. 

In order to steer clear of these possibilities, it is highly important that you create a strong password for all your accounts. In addition to setting longer passwords, you should also refrain from using any personal information such as names or locations within them. Adding special characters and numbers can also help you strengthen your passwords.

To go beyond basic security, you can also make it a point not to repeat your passwords across different platforms. If any of the sites that you use get compromised or have a data breach, this practice ensures that not all of your accounts get hacked as a result. In case you have a problem remembering different passwords, you can use the Password Manager with Bitdefender Internet Security to securely safeguard and manage your passwords.

3. Use Multi-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA) is an excellent way to secure your online accounts. Instead of allowing access with just the availability of a password, the process requires verification or access permission from multiple points to grant access to the respective account. 

For instance, when you set up MFA for your personal email, you receive a special permission request on your phone each time you login to your account. Unless this request is granted, anyone who is trying to access your with just a password does not get a free run at your security. This makes sure that access to your accounts is only granted after multiple verifications. 

The 2FA and MFA method is followed by many service providers and can be activated through your account settings. But you can also use third-party apps from reliable providers to use this feature. Bitdefender Internet Security also supports 2FA through its Bitdefender Central account, which makes sure that the solution that protects your online presence is also secured by itself.

4. Double-Check the URL Field in Your Browser

Whenever you are trying to find a certain service but don’t remember its website, you might type in quick keywords to google the result. The practice provides you with a list of results and lets you click your way to the desired website. In turn, you are able to find the site even without knowing its address. 

It may seem like a fitting conclusion to a common problem. But this simple practice also exposes you to different threats. For instance, the website that you found through search results might not actually relate to the service you were looking for in the first place. Instead, it may belong to a completely different provider. In some cases, the website you found might be operated by a malicious party that has different threats in store for you. 

To protect yourself against these instances, always double-check the URL field in your browser. This makes sure that you are actually visiting the right provider. This is especially true for websites that ask for your personal information such as your credit card details. With Bitdefender Internet Security, you can get a warning about such websites from the get go and land on a protection or warning page instead. This helps you evade these threats even when remembering the safety tip is difficult for you.

This is certainly something to ponder on during Cybersecurity Awareness Month.

5. Utilize a Secure Browser for Online Transactions

With the development of smarter security solutions, hackers and bad parties are also elevating their game. This means that even when you are making online transactions in a seemingly-safe environment, you can be vulnerable to data leaks and compromises. This puts your online as well as financial security at risk. 

In order to make sure that you evade these risks, you have to use secure browsers that come with additional safety features. These solutions not only encrypt your data with additional security, but also provide you with extra features that add to your financial safety. The Bitdefender Safepay is an excellent example in this regard that stands out from competition for all the good reasons.

With Bitdefender Safepay, you can instantly launch a secure browser from your Bitdefender Internet Security app. The feature also comes with a built-in VPN that can further secure your data. This solution comes in handy especially when you are using a public computer or Wi-Fi network.

Whether you work from home or use a number of devices at once, these tips and tricks let you mitigate the risks to your online safety like a pro. Since Bitdefender Internet Security comes with the availability for multiple devices, you can also ensure that this level of online safety doesn’t cost you a small fortune.

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