5 Things You Must Do After Purchasing Your First Home

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If you’ve just purchased your first property, there’s no doubt that you’re overwhelmed with excitement. Buying a home is a landmark event that boasts financial success. 

But there are a few things you’ll need to do as soon as you sign the property lease. 

Buy A Home Insurance Policy

Home insurance is typically essential to secure a mortgage loan. But if you don’t yet have insurance, it’s crucial to purchase a policy immediately. 

Home insurance will safeguard your finances as a homeowner by paying out for unpredictable costs that occur from instances like fire, natural disasters, burst pipes, and cases of home intrusions. 

Purchase A Home Warranty Plan

A home warranty is an excellent add-on to home insurance. Although, a warranty is more of a service contract than an insurance policy. 

This coverage will help you afford repairs, services, and replacements of major home systems and household appliances. Even so, evaluating different providers is still wise to find the best service plan for your needs. American Home Shield is a reputable home warranty provider with excellent service ratings. 

Connect The Utilities

Once you have insurance and a service plan to protect your finances from the unpredictable, it’s essential to connect the utilities. 

You must connect the water, gas, and electricity before you can move in. Check with local providers beforehand to determine the connection process and types of documentation required. You might need to schedule the turn-on in advance. 

Install A Home Security System

Next, evaluate local home security providers to find a company that suits your budget and security needs. It’s also best to have the security system installed and activated before moving into your new home. 

A suitable home security system must have monitoring devices, sensors, and alarms. Moreover, a custom security system is typically the best option to ensure all areas of your home are covered. Moreover, the right security installations can even lower your home insurance premiums

When choosing a home security provider, it’s wise to select a company from a list of top-rated options. You’ll find Vivint, ADT, SimpliSafe, and Wyze are great options. 

Create A Custom Home Maintenance Checklist

Next, inspect your new home and create a home maintenance checklist that suits the specifics of the property. Home maintenance is unarguably essential for all homeowners as a means of upholding the value and avoiding damages that stem from neglect. 

A suitable maintenance checklist will include seasonal chores. During spring, you’ll need to check for mold, tend to the yard, trim trees, paint over cracks, service heating, and cooling systems, and power wash the exterior of your home. During summer, you must check locks, clean the garage, check weatherstrips, wrap the water heater, examine the sump pump, and spray for bugs. Winter and fall require other specific maintenance chores.

Once you have tended to the priorities listed above, you can move into your new home with confidence. Moving homes is quite stressful, so be sure to plan and pack with a strategy. 

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