Video of Next Gen Ring-Like Doorbell Tech Will Blow Your Mind

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The Inventor of Ring’s 1st Generation Video Doorbell Technology Set to Take on Porch Pirates with Drones, Robots, and GEO Fencing

This Video Shows the Next Generation of Ring-like Doorbell Tech

Ron Carter is the father of the most important technology behind Ring and other video doorbell, competitors. Some of Carter’s patents have been licensed by household-name companies, including Ring™, CPI Securities, Alarm Force, HeathCo/Zenith, Chamberlain, Live Watch Security, and Zmodo.

His latest technology is no less impressive, and he’s decided to take on the porch pirate epidemic, folks stealing newly delivered packages from other people’s porches, with 210 million packages stolen from Americans this year.

As the current CEO of 1 Ahead Technologies, Carter is combining drones, AI, and robotic technology to foil porch pirates once and for all.

Carter has introduced a 2nd generation of technology with far-reaching applications to the world. He intends to retire outdated video doorbells with new technology capable of doing more than allowing you to simply watch your entry point or unlock a door.

The key features of the GLO technology are:

  • Artificial Intelligence (IBM Watson, Voice Recognition, Voice ID, Machine learning)
  • Virtual Key (A mobile key exchange utilizing images generated via a mobile device as keys)
  • Drones and Robots (integrated to offer threat mitigation and a level of security never imagined)
  • GEO Fencing (enables packages and areas to be monitored specifically)
  • Polymorphic capabilities (randomly generated keys for enhanced security access across a multitude of platforms

He has patents for the 2nd generation of technology with far-reaching applications and to retire outdated video doorbells.

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