5 Reasons The Next-Gen Xbox Will Dominate Console Market

The Next-gen Xbox announcement is only 12 days away. Microsoft will be announcing the new console on 21st May. The company has to make sure that the new Xbox is exciting enough for gamers to dish out their hard earned money. PlayStation 4 has already been announced, and it is awesome, especially with all the new features. Microsoft has to do one better in order to walk away as the King of Next-gen consoles.

Next-gen xbox

Next-Gen Xbox

Lets be honest, Xbox 360 was a big success and we don’t see any reason why the next Xbox won’t make it big. Well, I’ve personally compiled these 5 reasons that give Microsoft’s next-gen console an edge over its competition.

Xbox Live

Even if you hate the Xbox 360, one thing we have to love about it, is the online multiplayer service Xbox Live. Xbox Live has changed the multiplayer scene of the gaming world. It’s not just an online multiplayer service, it offers a wide range of content, from downloadable games on demand to streaming music and videos. Xbox Live has got everything. Xbox Live alone helped Microsoft in selling nearly 80 million units of the Xbox 360. So, we expect Microsoft to bring some new features to the service with the next-gen Xbox and continue its dominance in the online world.

Entertainment Hub

According to rumors, the Next-gen Xbox is not just a console for the gamers; instead Microsoft is planning to make it a main part of your living room. The next-gen Xbox will be able to provide you countless entertainment options from gaming to movies, music and apps. The Xbox 360 already offers a wide range of entertainment options including Xbox Music and several other third-party apps as well. So, Microsoft will just improve upon it and bring more services to the console.

Kinect 2.0

The Original Kinect was a big success for Microsoft and the Kinect 2.0 would also attract gamers who want to play casual games with their family and friends. Kinect 2.0 will be more interactive than its predecessor. Kinect is a must-have device for casual gamers who want to have a great time with their loved-ones. It has the potential to propel Xbox sales to millions.

Third-Party Exclusive Titles and DLCs

Microsoft did attempt to draw this card with the announcement of the Xbox 360 and it worked out really well for the company. So, we don’t see any reason why the company won’t try it again. The big reveal of Call of Duty: Ghost is scheduled for 21st May at the Xbox event, so we’re pretty sure that some aspects of the game will be exclusive to the console only. Many other third-party titles will also make their way to the console with some aspects of the game exclusive to the new console.


In the end, good pricing policy will decide the fate of the next-gen Xbox. We have already seen the company testing the subscription based pricing model for the Xbox 360, so it will definitely do it with the next-gen Xbox as well. An Xbox with a $199 price tag on 2 years subscription of Xbox Live could definitely boost the sales. If Microsoft comes up with some decent pricing plans then the competition will have a hard time keeping up with the company.

This is just a speculation of the features that Microsoft can potentially introduce with the next-gen Xbox. Although, the announcement will be much more spectacular and lets be honest, nobody would prefer a “Just for gaming” console over Microsoft’s complete entertainment system for the living room.


  1. Avatar spilltheink says:

    lol is all I have to say about that.

    1. spilltheinkI was going to go for something more like, LMAO. This article is a joke…

    2. spilltheink The author is a clueless moron and he should stick to what he knows which is flipping burgers at mcdonalds. What a clueless idiot fanboy.

      1. Avatar Faith ONeil says:

        @Joe spilltheink  As guys who troll articles and get angry when they see an opposing opinions, it sounds like PS3 might have more fanboys than we know…can I have fries with that?

  2. “and we don’t see any reason why the next Xbox won’t make it big”
    Well you must not be looking/listening to close then coz the rest of the world sees plenty.

    1. And most of all, why in the world is there no focus on 1st or 2nd party games??

  3. Avatar xboxisshit says:


  4. Avatar DrewMetals says:

    Does Microsoft even currently have ANY third party exclusives? Also, Activision wouldn’t screw themselves out of money by releasing “aspects” of a game on one system and not the other. Why would an annualized series hurt their profit. Lastly, why would I pay for Xbox Live to watch Netflix and Hulu when I can watch it for free on my Ps3? I pay the 50 dollars a year for PS+ and they shovel free games at me every month. Before stating that Microsoft is going to win the console war this generation, wait until May 21st. Sony really blew me away with the PS4 announcement, and I’m hoping that Microsoft can do the same. This article is stupid, is based only on general information, and has no facts. This is opinion and speculation.

  5. Sony’s next console literally does everything on this list, other than subscription based payment, (which is still speculation at this point.) In fact, so do the 360 and PS3. Both the 360 and PS3 are already entertainment hubs, Microsoft is just using it as a marketing ploy, it’s nothing new. The Kinect, as well as Sony’s version the Move, is bullshit and doesn’t sell consoles. I challenge you to name one Kinect game that is on par with any of the major releases this last year. Also, third party exclusive content is nothing new, and both Sony and Microsoft will get some. Their are already examples of this for current gen games, in which both consoles have exclusive content for the same game. This isn’t a video game article, this is fan-boy porn.

    1. @jerrific Subscription based payment is not speculation. MS has already introduced this model with the Xbox 360.

      1. In terms of the next xbox it is still speculation.

        1. @jerrific of course, but There is no reason why MS wouldn’t offer the same pricing model for the next Xbox!

    2. @jerrific exactly!!

    3. Avatar Faith ONeil says:

      @jerrific It literally blows my mind that you can, with a straight face, suggest that an opposing opinion is “fan-boy porn” all while defending the opposite opinion to the point of, if not anger, aggressiveness. YOU, my friend, might as well be the fan-boy centerfold in Sony’s latest magazine. ^-^

      1. Faith ONeil Its funny that you call everyone that replies a fanboy but can’t do so without adding an attack on sony in the process….pot and kettle. im sure alot of people replying here have the 360, wii and ps3 like myself. that puts you and the article creator in a minority since you obviously own only the one. Maybe you should be clued up more on the entirety of the market before making baseless claims about domination.

        1. Avatar Faith ONeil says:

          @Shane Faith ONeil  Im simply replying to what you said. Your original comment called the article “fanboyish” and this comment called it “fanboy-porn”..so yes, sorry, I take that as calling the author a fanboy. I do not think that is out of the realm of the obvious. 
          As for consoles, there is an xbox360, a PS3 and a Wii in my home, as well as a PS2, and N64 and an xbox. I feel incredibly well versed in the console world, thanks. Either way, I prefer the Xbox 360.

        2. Faith ONeil  There it is, you prefer the 360, i could tell that from the get go. Great, good for you, its got some great exclusives. Now tell me with a straight face console market domination for one console isn’t anything more than a dream to you? both the nintendo and sony gaming brands are too well known for any console to completely dominate. And anyone wishing for domination is a fool, the competition is good for everyone. If this article wasn’t baseless it would have points with the counters from competitors rather than just waffling about what one of the consoles does even if all other consoles on the market have a counter for it.

        3. Avatar Faith ONeil says:

          @Shane Faith ONeil I do not think that there is currently domination of any kind. But if you think that Sony and Microsoft aren’t both longing and competing for it…then there is only one fool here and that is you. I think we both realize that in a world with this kind of close competition, both consoles will eventually become copies of each other in an effort to out do the each other. When that happens, the best price will win. I dont pretend to know who will come out on top…but I dont think this is a baseless article. I see something akin to this happening at some point in the relatively near future.

  6. Avatar JeremiahEnrile says:

    an Android hardcore fan made this article. So now he has an expert opinion on Xbox…..

    1. JeremiahEnrile So, one can not have an opinion on something that he’s been using for the past 4 years?

      1. Avatar TheCanadian says:

        If it’s an opinion why does that title state, “5 Reasons The Next-Gen Xbox Will Dominate Console Market?” An opinion starts off as “I think…” or anything along those lines, instead you stated a fact that the Next-Xbox will dominate because of these reasons. In English wording is as important as correct spelling.

        1. TheCanadian DilawerS JeremiahEnrile because in my opinion it “Will” dominate! why don’t we just wait and watch! if it doesn’t then I’ll switch to PS, k? 🙂

        2. DilawerS TheCanadian JeremiahEnrile No one cares what console you ‘switch’ too, its morons like you that are the stain on the industry, you disregard another console because you don’t own it, then try to pass off your opinion as fact. You are missing out on so many gaming experiences by sticking to one console. i pity you.

          1. Avatar Sonia Ingriselli says:

            Really? A stain on the industry? Just look through the site and you will see there are plenty of posts from PS fans. This is an opinion piece, he is a FAN of Xbox… honestly, big deal! He owns an Xbox, and is looking forward to the next gen console. He is expressing why he thinks it will dominate.

  7. Avatar LEGIT_ELITE says:

    This is why xbox will dominate? seriously?!Xbox Live is the biggest scam of the 21st century. The PS4 and Steam will and do offer features that equal or exceed presumably for free. So this wont make the 720 “dominate”.The entertainment hub…really? My tablet, pc, the PS4, Vita, smartphone, tv all offer the same features next gen consoles will offer in terms of other entertainment so why would this make the 720 dominate? Kinect 2.0….really? this will not make them dominate especially if 3rd party would support it. The PS4 will have the same features and MORE due to having the Move AND move functionality in every Dualshock. Third Party exclusives… really yes M$ loves doing this but lets be honest they this WILL not make them dominate maybe get an advantage but DOMINATE?! In the past 2-3 years Sony has had more note worthy exclusive agreements and content (Ubisoft: AC,Farcry Watch Dogs EA: Battlefield, SSX, Need for Speed, 2K: Bioshock,||| Batman Arkham Asylum etc. etc.) so no this would make a big deal in the short term or even the foreseeable long term. The Pricing… this is where MAYBE it could be the deciding factor for some people though these people are not gamers. Gamers will spend the money to own a console and have it at its best potential. The next xbox may do great even better than PS4 (I don’t think so), but this article proves nothing.

    1. LEGIT_ELITE thanks you, Xbox live is a scam and i wish gamers would realize that

      1. keysy LEGIT_ELITE MS offers free month of XBL for new customers. I want you to just give it a try and I’m pretty sure you’d be more than happy to pay for it eventually. 
        Nobody likes to pay for a service, not even me but XBL just deserves each buck. I mean c’mon don’t you see, if millions of people are paying for the damn service than it must be worth it. Everybody uses a free service but if one is paying for a service than it must be well worth the money. 🙂

    2. LEGIT_ELITE well said dude!

    3. LEGIT_ELITE the only thing this article has proven so far is the fact that there are so many angry PS fans out there! 😀

      1. DilawerS LEGIT_ELITE And its also proven how far you will go for hits. why bother writing an article about domination while completely disregarding the competition. Ps4 has all the features above along with Sony’s MUCH larger count of 1st party and 2nd party exclusive studios. The 3rd party market can be brought by microsoft as added content and timed exclusives but in no way will that counter naughty dog and all other in house devs where xbox owners are missing out on massive games in every genre not just shooters. The small dev indie games will be a big factor and sony is welcoming them with open arms. Wait until the official information is released about the new xbox before creating baseless claims. Try owning all systems, it will improve your gaming experience 10 fold, while allowing you to create less biased and less fanboyish pieces of writing. peace out.

        1. Avatar Faith ONeil says:

          @Shane DilawerS LEGIT_ELITE I find the fact that you refer to DilawerS  as a fanboy, when you are clearly diehard PS3/4, pretty hilarious. Can you send us a picture of that Sony t-shirt you’re probably wearing?

        2. Faith ONeil DilawerS LEGIT_ELITE what gave you that impression? the fact that i stated sony have more first and second party devs? truth. maybe it was the indie part? truth. Its clear the article had no proof to go with its claims, the next xbox hasn’t even been revealed yet. you can defend all you like, its your job as a mod, that doesn’t set aside the fact that this article is nothing but flame bait. Nothing i have said is even remotely fanboyism, check the article there’s plenty of that there.

        3. Avatar LEGIT_ELITE says:

          Faith ONeil DilawerS LEGIT_ELITE I never called anyone a fanboy -__- so I don’t know where that came from. Also I am a huge Sony fan but I’m not ignorant or a fanboy in fact I constantly complain to Sony about their methods but the good out weighs the bad….

      2. Avatar LEGIT_ELITE says:

        DilawerS LEGIT_ELITE Passionate would probably be a better word

        1. LEGIT_ELITE DilawerS Dude! C’mon! that’s not passion, that’s pure HATRED! xD

  8. Avatar Reality slap says:

    The fact is MS tripled there marketshare this gen while Sony lost 50% of there’s. I know on the Internet especially n4g you would think Sony is on the rise but it couldn’t be more wrong , everybody I know at one time had a ps2 but this gen they all switched to xbox 360 and sales prove that, all MS has to do is keep the momentum and trends in there favor and next gen PS4 will all but be forgotten lol.

    1. @Reality slap i’m not sure why that switch would have anthing to do with next gen . It kinda doesnt make sense  because if im correct more people played nintendo then switched to nintendo and last gen showed that nintendo was on top so im a bit confused on your logic

      1. keysy False: Nintendo fans didn’t just switch to Nintendo only, they did get an extra console to enjoy other titles that weren’t available on Wii or DS (3DS). I am a Nintendo fan too I have all their handhelds (No Wiis) from GBC to 3DS but I did get an Xbox because to be honest Nintendo only offers great first-party titles and there is not much third-party love, in my opinion.
        off topic: Android is the Windows of mobile world!

    2. Avatar BrillDavis says:

      @Reality slap So you’re claiming that gamers will be loyal to a company…and to back that up, you’re showing how gamers will abandon one company for another at the drop of a hat. Do you see the logical flaw?

  9. sounds crazy but isn’t Xbox live just software that couldn’t run on psn because of memory. Not sure how that is a bonus and isn’t PlayStation plus a better deal for your money. IM also sure that that puts the xbox  pricing above the ps4. Since last time the xox was more expensive than the ps3  with all its ala carte add ons. kiniect sucks and im not sure but what thrid party exclusive has ever been a major hit on xbox beside halo and gears which microsoft only owns  halo?? call me confused but this article seems like shit

    1. Avatar HarryRoyall says:

      keysy Third party games is like the indie games….just to clear that one up for you

  10. Avatar Dustmeister says:

    The PSN accomplishes mostly everything Xbox Live does, only it’s free. The PSN does not have cross-game chat but I do not believe that feature moves consoles so it’s a moot point. The main thing is that the PSN has all of the content Xbox Live has plus many award winning PSN exclusive games, so there’s no way that Xbox Live on its own would move more consoles because of its content. In a world where internet is cheap and everything runs on the internet it’s almost criminal that Microsoft forces users to pay just to have access to online content. Steam is free, Origin is free, PSN is free… it’s pretty insane to charge for Xbox Live if you think about it. If anything, the fact that Sony offers online play for free is what would drive PlayStation sales over Xbox sales.

    The Entertainment hub is again, something Sony is offering as well. What’s the difference? To move consoles you have to have something unique that gives it the edge over competitors.
    Kinect is a gimmick. It’s proven less accurate than Move and the Wii. The Wii has established itself as the casual gamers’ console already and Microsoft/Sony will not be taking those markets over. Microsoft is making a mistake by forcing Kinect too much. Sony is taking a very light approach to motion control and is focusing more on hardcore gamers and quality content rather than “loved one experiences.” And again, Kinect offers nothing that the Wii and PlayStation don’t have.

    Microsoft doesn’t have much to offer in the way of exclusivity. Gears of War, Forza, Halo have been exclusive to Xbox but after that, what else does MS have? Sony has Uncharted, God of War, Gran Turismo, Infamous, LittleBigPlanet, Killzone, Ratchet & Clank, and Resistance. And now Bungie is producing multi-platform games with Destiny being showcased at Sony’s event. Sony has more unique IP’s going forward into PS4.
    You can’t say that MS will move more Xbox’s because of pricing until pricing is actual unveiled. We have no idea what Sony and MS have in store with regards to pricing. I think you’re reaching on this point and a subscription based model vs. free online access is a hard point to make with regards to what moves systems.

  11. Avatar oo7PorscheMGS says:

    Why don’t you wait until the console is actually announced before you even START to “predict” such stuff without much INFORMATION to go on… it’s pathetic.

    1. Avatar oo7PorscheMGS says:

      Because nobody with a reasonable mind would even consider your article as informative.   You talk about “exclusive” games and yet no “exclusive” games have been announced.  Someone could make the same article about the PS3 and talk about “exclusives” (hey, BF4 was shown on the PS4, that MUST mean it will have exclusives on the PS4, that must mean the ps4 will dominate!).  
      Then you talk about Pricing lol, as if you know that just because they priced their past console in such a way that it means their future console will be priced at the same price / model.  Guess what, a PS4 with a 2 year subscription of PS+ would boost sales as well…. just because one system does something doesn’t mean the other system can’t compete with it.  Do some research and wait for some REAL / CONCRETE info so you can actually COMPARE before you can say ANY console WILL “dominate”.  It’s called basic research skills / integrity, sadly many on the internet continue to show they have none of these skills… obviously you don’t which is why you wrote this useless, baseless, waste of time article.  Good job… work harder next time to think of better ideas to write about though.  Or go back to school if you can’t.

  12. Nothing great about Xbox Live! Blops2 disconnects more on there then on PS3 (I have both). Also, many people down talked the PS3 for having a web browser, video streaming, etc. Claiming it does everything but what its supposed to do, play games. REMEMBER? Now the 360 followed suit by adding many social and video features. And they even added Internet Explorer. Do  you know that people can watch Netflix on the PS3 without a Playstation subscription? Not only do you have to pay Netflix, you have to pay Microsoft to use Netflix on the 360. I look at it as the iPhone. People have so much invested in the Apple Store, that they can’t get over thoughts of all the time and money wasted.

  13. worst…. write up…. ever…..

    1. @hahahaha Typical twats presenting their ass to M$!!

  14. The fact is, Microsoft still hasn’t profited from the xbox brand overall. While the 360 was a success, it wasn’t the best selling console by any means. The ps3 is likely going to outsell the 360 this generation. That means that Microsoft will have made to losing consoles. Not to say that the 360 wasn’t a success, but using this gen to say that next gen will win is stupid. We don’t even know what the next xbox is yet.

  15. xbox live is a huge freaking scam and the only way i will ever go back to xbox is if they eliminate their monthly fee for something that is free with their competitors

    1. @myles DUH!! Even if you didn’t have to pay, its still shit mate!

  16. Umm.. The only thing on that list that I see which PS4 doesn’t have is Kinect 2.0.. and the US fanboy-base

  17. Okay so let’s recap here:
    First off, the author is entitled to his opinion.
    Second, of course he is a fan,that’s the reason why he wrote it.  Same on the other side with PS, if an article was written about 5 reasons why the PS4 will dominate, there would equally be some against the idea.
    Third, we don’t have to hurl insults because the author is a fan. Seriously guys, HE IS A FAN, he loves the Xbox, and obviously you all love the PS – so do I to be honest, but I’m not about to insult him or call him a ”moron”, or ”stupid”.

    1. soniageek Why not? If someone is being a moron – surely we can call him on it?!

      1. @BOOYA soniageek By all means Booya, go forth and call him names…you are entitled to an opinon <<< See what I did there?
        By the way, ease up on the swears dude!

  18. Avatar Alexbradley101 says:

    I personally would love a “Just For Gaming” console. Why would you use a clunky interface to watch Tv or films when a hooked up pc or tv box can do the same thing, only it does it better. PC gaming went down hill a few years ago because PC’s did everything and therefore became too complicated for most folk. Consoles got the lead because they did gaming and nothing else. They simplified the system to the point that any monkey could use it and so every kid loved it. Gaming consoles have evolved since then to appeal to more then kids but they have begone to get to complicated past there actual use of playing games.

  19. I have a Sony Smart TV that has all the entertainment features of a 360 or PS3 and then some more. To navigate trough them is more easy and with the TV remote than a controller( especially if you have a newer TV which comes with a two sided remote control, one touch screen and one buttons). I never use my consoles for anything but gaming and playing Blurays, and this will become the norm as all new TVs will be a media hub.
    As for paying extra just to switch from using a device instead of the other to watch you tube or Netflix feels like a rip off.
    As for Xbox live, yes is good , but if you would stop using it for 3 months and get a ps plus to see what everyone is bragging about you’ll realize you’ve been doing charity to Microsoft. I don’t care if it looks good and is more tidy and so on. To me xbox live and psn is a menu from which you order games and other things.
    I care about the actual thing after its loading: the game. And if I can get it for one dollar( 1 year subscription divided at how many games you get) I’m sold. Let’s say I only enjoy 10 games in one year from the lot. Still I’m spending less that I was spending using xbox live ( 10 games x $60 + xbox live subscription) and still have a huge amount left for retail games.
    But if you prefer browsing for games and movies/apps over actual playing games, well, your loss.
    Once you’ll actually have to pay yourself and have a wife and kid you’ll probably grow up and be able to make the difference between money well spent and being ripped off.
    Try a Smart Tv for your media services and ps plus for 3 months if it’s on offer and after that do the math and go out for a nice drink with the money you’ve made.
    As for Kinect, Move, Wii … Zzzzz
    Don’t get sucked in with your cash no mater how small the amount by things you don’t actually need.

  20. OK  – this is a really bad list! No one gives a shit about Kinect, and I’m sorry, Microsoft has NO games and NO exclusives you fool!! Your list of reasons is JUST not good enough! And no one will buy an xbox JUST for DLC for Ghosts dumbass! You have absolutely NO IDEA how much its going to cost (I wouldn’t be surprised if the PS4 is cheaper or same price), you have to fucking PAY for XBL, so that shit is out the window! Only America and the UK like the Xbox, and in England they only got it for Galo and because it came out before the PS4 NONE of which is happening this year! And how will the PS4 not be a “complete entertainment system for the living room” the PS3 already is, PS4 will be even better! Think before you write horse shit, I know you’re just presenting your ass to microsoft but please use some sense!

    1. Avatar HarryRoyall says:

      @BOOYA Seriously dude, uncool comments. The author admits he speculates and that he is a fan of the Xbox as am I. And the Exclusivity of the Xbox is Halo, Gears Of War, Fable, Kinnect and of course the tremendous amounts of Indie Games on offer which allow game developers to show case what they can produce with the right backing. Xbox is always going to be my fav for this reason, it backs its players and the customer service you get with XBL is just amazing. Seriously though, I think no one will know whos gonna win until the race begins and to those who choose sides then go for it. But I say let the best man (or company in this case) win!!

      1. HarryRoyall True that, and don’t forget the Xbox Live Unlocked weekends! 😉
        On an unrelated note: Judging by the numbers of angry PS fans, I have the feeling that Xbox has already won the race!

    2. Avatar Mohseen Lala says:

      @BOOYA Wow, in retrospect, you were pretty much dead on.

  21. Avatar HarryRoyall says:

    Xbox/Microsoft all the way, better connectivity to there online servers and just an all round much better console.Cleaner Lines sharper graphics and its created by gamers for gamers, the PS is just another Sony con!! Sony wouldn’t even be in this market if it wasn’t for the Gamecube. I find the content and the connectivity of Playstation annoying and just to damn expensive. Xbox wins my vote for the following reason. Easy to use interface, Proper controller free gaming with the use of Kinect. Better Connectivity to online servers and games where it is proper gamers against gamers and just the fact its Microsoft. People b**ch about the online fee. Well if you don’t think it worth it then you are not a gamer simple as that!! Exclusive pre-release DLC and much more makes the Xbox and Xbox Live worth every damn penny!!

  22. I’m bot. A fanboy I loved my Xbox till i had 16systemss. And no in terms of sales who didn’t buy a wii? Plus, why are people so committed to Xbox live? Look how Nintendo stepped up their online ? With 8gb of mem in playstatin 4what differences will there be. Honestly Xbox will have to come hard to compete with peplums on the ps3. Online problems are a thing of the past. With phone as an example what are the differences that really matter connectivity for sharing . One up to the share button and dropped calls. Really unless you Internet sucks don’t worry about the later. You guys haven’t seen the interface for either system and that is only about familiarity. Really take a psychology class. You guys are stuck in the past what if google announces a system your gonna not support them cause they don’t have halo? Get real it’s about games and from what I know Xbox isn’t focusing on that. If you guys are looking for an entertainment hub then by all means grab an Xbox but if you talkin about games then you’ll get a ps4. Here’s a test make a game and call Sony and Microsoft as an independent developer and see who gets back to you. I guarantee after that you’ll sing a different tune.

    1. And kinetic is on ps4 as well with a mic in controller to talk from further distances. Are you guys notating attention Sony went to developers to make their system . Ms didn’t so much, look at what bungee says about ps4development.

  23. Avatar gtkoolaidsman says:

    Andddd PC is better so it doesn’t matter.

  24. Avatar KyleClicquennoi says:

    HarryRoyall  I’m not mad and i’m getting the PS4 but i still have eyes on the race. However it seems that the race is tipping in the PS4’s margin by a minuscule percentage

  25. Avatar KyleClicquennoi says:

    We just don’t know until they are released.

  26. Avatar KyleClicquennoi says:

    Plus  the PS4 is running at 900p quality (that’s between 720p and 1080p) and the Xbox One running at what the current gen consoles are running at (720p) it is going to be tight

  27. Avatar KyleClicquennoi says:

    And some people are still butt hurt from the reveal

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