Upcoming mmos

5 Up and Coming MMOs You Have to Try

These days I don’t seem to be able swing a mouse without coming across the announcement of another new MMO game. I’m certainly not complaining about this uptick in popularity and variety. It’s refreshing to be able to go beyond the realms of EverQuest and WoW, and even the RPG genre, when it comes to MMO choices.

Here are 5 upcoming MMOs that you have to try!

Upcoming mmos

1. Elder Scrolls Online

Release Date – 2014

5 upcoming mmos

I can hear the “duhs” already. This only serves to prove that this game couldn’t possibly be overlooked.

Perhaps one of the most anticipated MMOs of all time, Elder Scrolls Online has so far been six years in the making, and it can’t come fast enough.

Like previous games within the franchise, ESO will be set on the continent of Tamriel roughly a millennium prior to the events of Skyrim. Players will have the opportunity to join one of three factions that are vying for the throne – The Aldmeri Dominion, The Daggerfall Covenant or the Ebonheart Pact.

Almost the entirety of the continent will be accessible, except the section that are reserved for expansions, because Bethesda loves money. Regardless, the world size is likely to make GTA V comparable to Super Mario 2. Okay, that may have been a slight exaggeration.
In terms of game play, there was originally some concern that it would be a carbon copy of Skyrim, but that is definitely not the case. Bugs will be fixed and the entire weighting of melee attacks are being overhauled.

Lastly, the graphics are unsurprisingly going to be freakin’ gorgeous. I can’t wait to steal a horse and take the scenic route to Balmora.

2. EverQuest Next

Release Date – TBA

5 upcoming mmos

Gamers lost their proverbial crap back in August when they saw a sneak peek of the latest game in the EverQuest series. This wasn’t just because of the advanced graphics, impressive game mechanics, free-to-play element and ridiculously intelligent AIs. Although, these are all worthy of excitement too.

In the vein of Minecraft and Terraria, the world of EverQuest Next will be highly destructible. Players can burrow their way down to subterranean caves, blow up terrain and dig their way into guarded buildings. Suffice to say this brings a whole new level of game play and strategy to the MMORPG genre that can’t be ignored.

3. WildStar

Release Date – 2014

5 upcoming mmos

Combining Pixar-like graphics with in-depth game play makes WildStar a ‘must have’ on your future buy list.

Set on an alien world amongst and advanced civilization, the game has an amazing balance of adventure, exploration and independence. There is also an abundance of races, classes , factions and paths. Combining this with Momentum Mechanics and a vast and seemingly limitless world allows the player to experience the game however they want. Content, rewards and challenge are all dictated by an individuals choices. This is great news for repeat game play, as each new adventure will be fresh and exciting.

An additional impressive element is the ability to design your own PvP battlefields, which can include recently defeated raid bosses that can be customized to your liking.

4. Pathfinder Online

Release Date – TBA

5 upcoming mmos

Born of the realms of tabletop RPGs, Pathfinder Online is a combination of sandbox and theme-park style game play and is set to be incredibly open ended.

Players adventure, explore and develop their way through the River Kingdoms in classic RPG style whilst simultaneously navigating the game’s intricate trade based economy. In fact, you can open and operate your own shops within the game’s cities.

There are no class systems in the game, which is a bold move to say the least. However, in PvP mode alignments play an important role and are based upon your actions in a way that is reminiscent of Knights of the Old Republic.

Another fun fact about Pathfinders Online is that it was almost exclusively funded by Kickstarter.

5. Game of Thrones: Seven Kingdoms

Release Date – Supposedly 2013, although I can’t really see that happening.


Considering that this game hails from one of the most popular books and television series of all time, its an obligatory inclusion on this list.

Unsurprisingly the game is set in Westeros, but not a whole lot else is really known thus far. We do however know that it will be played in real time and will be primarily based around PvP combat. This can range from duels to full-scale battles where castles, keeps and fortresses can be captured.

Similar to other MMOs, players will be able to join guild-like institutions known as Lesser Houses. They will be aligned with one of the three major houses of the series – Stark, Baratheon or Lannister.

Interestingly, the game will be browser based using the Unity Web Player plugin.