Geeky Knitting and Crocheting

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Geeky knitting. What is it and where are the patterns? Well, first off one must learn to knit, after that there are many degrees of easiness and hardness that one can find in geeky patterns. From knitting or crocheting small figurines, to making big masks or blankets. Anything and everything geeky to knit or crochet can be found out there.


Scale mail

Taking a look at one can usually find patterns for sale such as this knitted Yoda hat made by KnitAndCrochet2009. (

Yoda hat

One can even find geeky knitting supplies on, from hand dyed yarn, dyed to represent geeky past times such as the Game of Thrones to The Hobbit and Dudgeon and Dragons knitting needles and nerdy stitch markers etsy has your geeky knitting and crocheting needs covered.

Game of thrones


Nerd stitch


Knitsandcrothets has created this amazing Poke-ball knitted beanie (, but if one is not inclined to buy an already made knitted or crocheted geeky item the best place to look for free patterns is

Pokeball is a free beta website where those who are members can gather free patterns and post pictures of their own work for others to see. Ravelry also has forums such as “As You Wish” an everything and anything Princess Bride themed discussion board where those who celebrate and love the Princess Bride can come together and knit and crochet Princess Bride themed items. Ravelry has forums about nearly everything. From “the Knit Princess” a knitting superhero comic forum to “Fans of Sanctuary” a discussion board for those who love the Canadian SciFi show Sanctuary to “Geeky and Nerdy Kids and Teens” a group dedicated to geeky and nerdy knitters who are younger than the average knitter. Ravelry will help the lonely geeky knitter or crocheter find a place where they belong and can create geekily in peace.

Screen shot 2013-10-06 at 4. 45. 26 pm

Ravelry is a place to find patterns to purchase as well as a plethora of free patterns. Doing a quick pattern search in yields many, many options for the geeky knitter whether into biology, computers, scifi, books,etc. Ravelry is the place to check out. Look at this brain hat pattern created using lots of cables and short rows. Or this Biologically correct frog dissection.



Or this crocheted Sailor Moon figurine and mini Marvin from A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and this Totoro hat.



Totro hat

There is also a Batman Logo Chart available for free download through Lystessa, a pattern maker, that can be used on hats, bags, anything really.

Batman logo

Jane Cobb’s yellow, orange, and red hat can also be found here as a free Ravelry download.

Jane cobb

A pattern maker by the name of Alice Bell has created a free Ravelry download pattern for a DNA illusion scarf.


Sunshyne Leland created a free pattern download for a Felted Baby Yoda hat. Or this Leia hat created by Ansley Bleu.


Leia hat

If into Doctor Whom mazzmatazz has created pattern, which is no longer available for free download due to contact by the BBC to mazzmatazz but is easily recreated when you look at it, for Adipose those cute little walking bundles of fat.  Or check out this amazing TARDIS beanie made by using different colored yarns.


Tardis beanie


If computers are the way to go, check out Anna Hrachovec’s pattern, available for $7. This cute little computer complete with mouse and keyboard patter comes with the option of three different screen patterns. Two of which are Error screen and a pink screen with a light pink heart.

Olympus digital camera


If one is a Potterhead, check out these awesome house socks, the patterns come for all four houses. There are also patterns for Mrs. Weasley’s sweaters and the sorting hat, as well as many, many more patterns and ideas such as this pattern for a Mandrake Root.

Harry potter socks

Sorting hat



For all those geeky knitters or crocheters out there who aren’t on check the site out, sign up is free and there are hundreds of thousands of patterns for free or purchase. Such as these bellow, this Dwarf hat complete with beard and mustache, or this companion cube from the game Portal, or just a nice die bag to keep all the dice together.


Compainon cube

Dice bag