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3 Ways to Change the DPI of an Image

Do you want to print high-quality photos? Then you must consider dots per inch (DPI) as a key parameter in this endeavor. In essence, DPI refers to the number of physical dots per inch of a printed document (which describes the clarity of your image.

Remember, setting the DPI incorrectly puts you into a bit of a pickle. As you could end up having glossy and blurry photos that are low-quality. A wrong DPI may also yield a poster that prints images that are no larger than a postage stamp.

You want to ensure that your vacation shots print without facing issues if you are a photographer or designer. However, this is only achievable if you know how to change the DPI of your image.

Here are 3 ways to change the DPI of your image.

#1 Use Photoshop

Photoshop is the easiest way to change the DPI of your image. Here are the steps to follow when changing the DPI of your image in Photoshop:

– Go to “Image”
-Click “Image Size”
-Uncheck “Resample Image”- This setting is meant to upscale your image (upscale reduces the quality of the image)
-Type the resolution you want next to the “Resolution” section in pixels/inches- See how the height and width of the image change

#2 Use GIMP

GIMP can be very useful when changing the DPI of an image. Please follow the steps below to change the DPI of your image using DPI:
Go to “Image”
Click “Print Size”
Enter the DPI you want next to “X Resolution”
Set in your preferred pixels or inches

The “Y Resolution” will update automatically after you have entered these settings. Remember, you may also set the physical width and length in your GIMP like it is done in Photoshop.

#3 Change the DPI free online

Are you in a pinch, and find that you don’t have a graphics program at hand?

Don’t fret!

Thanks to the world wide web and the internet, you still have a couple of options!

You can change the DPI of your image using Convert Town’s DPI-changing web software for free online.

All you will need to do is select the DPI you desire your image to be changed to (you may use common resolutions like 300 DPI); drag-and-drop the file you want to work on, then wait.

The image will automatically download the image when the update is completed to a default download folder.

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