3 Reasons Why You Should Measure Your Productivity

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Productivity is essential. But remember merely taking a slew of actions does not mean that you are making significant progress. It is necessary to do what matters and to do so efficiently and effectively.

Your productivity is the best measure of your efficiency. In particular, measuring your productivity goes a long way in determining how competitively and profitably you spend your time and other resources. Moreover, you will most likely boost your chances of long-term success in a competitive environment when you leverage your productivity.

At times, we are tempted to feel that we did not do our best in a day even though we are hard at work. Nonetheless, you may not realize just how much you have accomplished if you don’t make an effort to record how you have been spending your productive time.

Here are three reasons why you should measure your productivity.

#1 It will help you maintain focus

There’s nothing as demoralizing as looking down on oneself. Measuring productivity gives you an avenue to encourage yourself as you see that you got some milestones accomplished (no matter how small they may seem).

Similarly, measuring your productivity using tools like a to-do list keeps you focused on your priorities while granting you the opportunity to check some items off the list. More so, a self-assessment motivates you to cut tremendous obstacles piece by piece as you pursue your key objectives and keep the momentum going.

#2 Helps set better goals

Every goal you set in life should be measurable. Nonetheless, you may not know where to start if you lack a great baseline. Measuring productivity helps you keep track of what you have achieved with a defined set of metrics.

You may use these metrics to gauge the average number of tasks/milestones you can typically accomplish in a day, setting your baseline. Similarly, you may take advantage of the assessment to set more realistic operational goals in life starting with the daily number of tasks and making adjustments as required.

#3 You will determine the best time to take a rest

At times, it is hard to decide on when you are most productive, when to study or when to put a task away. However, assessing your productivity will help you in determining the best time to take a break from the heavy workload.

Remember, this does not mean completing a pile in a day before taking a rest. Instead, it means accomplishing the most significant tasks first, determining what to be moved to the next session, and making it a top priority.

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