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Various problems within the world bring about the need for solutions such as Brigit. One of the pressing problems within the world today is economic and financial instability at a national and an individual level. These problems would grow over 2020 as COVID-19 destroyed regular activities and behaviors, creating GDP gaps all over the world.

Indeed, the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic was startling and quick. It would bring about massive uncertainty to many areas of society. Further, COVID-19 introduced massive financial inconvenience to hundreds of millions of people across the globe. 

Budgeting and prudential fiscal management became even more hectic in the pandemic era for the many Americans who struggled to lead everyday lives. 

However, Brigit comes as a reliable partner that helps its clients to manage their financial health.

Brigit has distinguished its position in the U.S market as a buddy in fostering more financially savvy individuals. Apart from its position as a critical budgeting tool, this New York City based mobile app company focuses its operations on providing voluntary cash advances feasibly.

The best part? You do not have to pay interest, incur random fees, or face other issues if you choose to go with Brigit.

Brigit has become a household name for the over 100 million Americans living paycheck to paycheck.

What is Brigit Up To?

Brigit is in the business of providing a financial management solution for over 100 million American employees that experience great difficulties when seeking credit facilities.  Hamel Kothari, Brigit’s cofounder, indicated that the New York City financial services company seeks to present an amicable solution to 78% of the country’s workforce who grapple with economic challenges, expensive loans, low credit scores, and strict repayment terms.

In essence, Brigit presents its customer segments with a financial app and an alternative lending system that seeks sustainable solutions rather than the long-term monetary burdens that paycheck-to-paycheck individuals have been forced to endure for several decades.

Brigit helps the ordinary U.S citizen with a distinguished lending system in critical operational areas such as its product features, unique perspectives about its client’s needs, and a more holistic business model.

Unlike the traditional banking institutions and money lending applications that take advantage of their customers’ stress to establish thriving ventures, Brigit adopts a holistic approach to promote financial soundness.

This New York-based firm uses technology and real-time financial insights to solve its clients’ monetary needs. Unlike various financial firms, Brigit helps its customers manage their expenses, earn extra cash and avoid the exorbitant predatory fees charged by the mainstream institutions.

Why Does Brigit Matter?

Brigit’s business style makes it one of the key financial services institutions to watch in the post-COVID era. In the real sense, the conventional moneylending market has programmed most paycheck-to-paycheck clients to believe that their financial problems must begin and end in more distress.

Brigit comes as the best alternative and offers a technological bucket of goodies. The New York company’s financials will only expand as their subscribers’ fiscal position improves. From the ongoing monthly subscription fees, zero hidden fees, transfer charges, interests, and late subscription fees, Brigit remains the best in the market.


How Much Funding did Brigit Raise Recently?

Brigit raised over $30 million in its Series A round. The New York City based  fundraiser was spearheaded by Lightspeed Venture Partners in collaboration with prominent names in the industry like DN Capital, Nyca, Secocha, Flourish Ventures, DCM, and Aston Kutcher’s Sound Ventures.

The $35 million raised acts as a boost to an organization dedicated to ensuring fiscal sustainability among its clients. In the first month of 2021, the company’s management indicated that it was proud to be the shoulder that the ordinary U.S citizen could lean on when seeking financial help without “strings attached”.

Brigit revealed that it had saved its members over $250 million worth of transaction fees since its inception, with over 1 million clients using its tools to explore financial stability.

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