3 Cool Things You Can Do With Opera’s New Crypto Browser

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The cryptocurrency field has grown quite a bit since its inception, and Opera is determined to take the lead in the crypto field. Of course, more entities across the world are looking to make sure that they do not miss out on the potential of crypto and have their respective projects present here.

For instance, we know that the Brave Browser has its own token (BAT), and it is looking at ways to ensure that it creates value for users.

It is no surprise that Opera is looking to have its cryptocurrency projects./

The tech giant pushed the beta version of its “Crypto Browser Project” in a bid to enter the crypto industry.

In essence, Opera’s Crypto Browser Project is distinguished as an internet browser with built-in Web 3 integrations targeting both the crypto-native and crypto-curious populations. Opera seeks to put its own crypto wallet at the center of its user experience.

Opera’s Crypto Browser is presently available for Mac, Windows, and Android devices. In addition, the tech giant confirmed that it was working on the iOS version of the app to be released soon. But how is the new browser useful?

Here are three cool things you can do with Opera’s new crypto browser.

#1 You Will Stay Informed through the Crypto Corner

Opera’s Crypto Browser will offer more than the basic wallet add-ons. Instead, the tech company wants its new crypto browser to grant you more value by increasing its user functionality as it makes a wide range of resources, information, and solutions available.

To meet this goal, the new browser incorporates the Crypto Corner and a hub that will give you access to essential resources like industry events calendar, crypto communities, blockchain news, NFTs and upcoming airdrops. You may also access educational content in the form of videos, podcasts, gas fees, market sentiments, and crypto prices.


#2 Enhance your Web3 skills

Opera’s Crypto Browser will be a perfect avenue to scale up your Web3 skills as it will provide you with all the crypto information you will need to become a guru over time. You may take advantage of the crypto corner’s gas fees, crypto prices, crypto communities, blockchain news, NFTs and upcoming airdrops to enhance your Web3 skills.

Crypto Browser’s Crypto Corner is an intelligent start page that will allow you to access all the information and data you will need to navigate through the crypto corridors with a lot of ease. It gives you information from a range of blogs, podcasts and other resources that will help you speed up on all matters Web3.

#3 The Non- Custodial Crypto Wallet

Opera’s Crypto Browser assures you additional security by incorporating the new non-custodial crypto-wallet. You won’t need to install any extensions or decentralized apps (dApps) to gain access to your crypto. The non-custodial crypto wallet will let you sign in directly from the browser.

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