2K Titles Are Being Slated To Migrate To Steam

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With the closure of GameSpy’s MultipPlayer shutdown, 2K online servers will be moved to Steam.

On May 31st each of the PC titles will go offline while the games are being migrated. Borderlands 1 and Civilization III to Civilization IV: Warlords will be among these games.

Here is the list of titles that will be going offline:

Close Combat First to Fight (PC / Mac)
Jetfighter (PC)
Jetfighter V: Homeland Protector (PC)
Leadfoot (PC)
Rune (PC)
Stronghold 2 (PC)
Stronghold Legends (PC)
Top Spin (PS2 / PC)
Top Spin 2 (PC / DS)
Vietcong (PC)
Vietcong Demo (PC)
Vietcong Fist Alpha (PC)
Vietcong 2 (PC)
Vietcong 2 Demo (PC)
MLB Fantasy All-Stars (DS)
Sid Meier’s Civilization Revolution (DS)
Major League Baseball 2K9 Fantasy All-Stars (DS)
NHL 2K10 (Wii)
NBA 2K10 (Wii)