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25 Geeky Valentine Gifts for Under $25

Another gift-giving holiday approaches! For the geeks out there, finding that perfect present can be a torturous endeavor, often ending in failure. I find loads of awesome things I know my friends would love, but they are just way too pricey for my shallow pockets. In my searches, I have stumbled across a good collection of gifts for the geeks out there, all for under twenty-five bucks! Links to each item are included. 

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Happy Shopping!

8-Bit Black Sunglasses I like these because they’re retro and remind me of the good ol’ days when video games were less realistic and more blocky!

Mini Portable Speaker With a universal headphone plug, this can work with a phone, laptop, tablet, or iPod.

Canned Unicorn Meat More of a gag gift, and completely UNedible. It’s basically the guts of a unicorn stuffie, packaged neatly in a can. Definitely makes your giftee laugh, and doubles as an interesting paperweight!

Camera Lens Mug There are two sizes: the smaller one is under $25, the bigger one is $30. This is extremely realistic looking, and draws loads of attention when whipped out at the office. I gave my boyfriend the larger one last year for his birthday and he still gets compliments when he uses it at work.

Batman Piggy Bank I think this is the cutest thing EVER. I love that the piggy is the original, Adam West Batman, as opposed to the dark and scary Christian Bale.

Beautiful LEGO Book Only twenty bucks, and the artwork is super awesome. LEGO creations made by artists…way better than anything we could even dream up. And the Kindle version is only $15!

Sound Activated LED T-Shirt The Shooting Stars design on this black T-shirt comes to life! They also make one with a Rubik’s Cube.

Star Wars Pancake Molds These are currently on sale for only $7! I would suggest not necessarily giving these as a gift, but getting them and making a special breakfast for your Valentine.

Lightsaber Earrings You can get red, green, or blue! Or, at only $10 a piece, you could get two different colors and then wear one of each!

Wind-Up Salt and Pepper Robots SO CUTE! Instead of passing the salt when someone asks, you just wind it up and it passes itself!

Doctor Who TARDIS Tea Infuser A replica of the TARDIS to hold loose tea leaves! Also, attached to the chain at the top is his screwdriver to dangle attractively on your mug.

Medieval Weapon Push-Pins Those of us that still use cork boards and push-pins can appreciate these nifty little guys. Instead of the standard clear plastic handle, these are shaped to look like the handles and hilts of medieval weapons!

Water Clock This is super cute for the geek who works in an office. It doubles as a vase for small flowers! Plus, it’s eco-friendly and runs solely on water. No batteries, no solar panels, no plugs.

Classic Movie Quotes Mug For the movie lover! The mug is covered with quotes from famous classic films from the past few decades.

Augmented Reality Puzzle A puzzle plus a video! Once the 1,000 piece puzzle is put together, you download a free app that brings it to life on your phone. There are many different designs to choose from.

Super Hero Earrings Studs from Marvel or DC Comics featuring a variety of super hero logos.

Mini Bat Signal A little bat signal can work as a nightlight or just for decoration. It also comes with a mini book full of Batman facts.

Geek Battle: The Board Game You break into teams and test your knowledge of all things geek: sci-fi, comics, fantasy, video games, technology.

Geek’s Guide to World Domination This is perfect as a coffee table book or a bathroom reader. It’s full of funny, geeky tidbits.

Build-On LEGO Mug You can drink your coffee and build LEGOs at the same time! The mug, unfortunately, does not come with any additional bricks, but just use the ones you have lying around the house. It claims off-brand bricks will also work.

Bubble Wrap Calendar Why wait until you receive a package to have fun popping bubble wrap? Each day is a bubble you can pop! Weekends and holidays are also marked.

Circuit Board Clock This wall clock made from a recycled CD has no numbers, instead the background looks like a circuit board.

USB Heated Gloves Fingerless gloves designed to use at your desk! They plug into your USB port and are heated to keep you warm while you work in a cold office.

Floppy Disk Sticky Notes I love the retro design on these sticky notes! I still use floppy disks, and I go through Post-its like crazy so these are something I actually got for myself.

Chocolate Game Controller Valentine’s wouldn’t be complete without gifting someone chocolate. These solid milk chocolate treats are shaped just like a game controller, complete with the thumb joysticks!