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2014 Game Developer Conference Highlights

If you’re really into video game development, you’ll already know that the Game Developer conference that took place this past week in San Francisco, California. Although some hard core video gaming fans likely snuck their way into the conference as reporters and under other titles, the conference is ideally for the engineers, writers, graphic artists, and companies that make the video game industry as successful as it is today.

So what if you couldn’t get a ticket or airfare to go to the conference yourself? If you want to know what happened, you can still get all of the major highlights here.

Project Morpheus is a virtual reality headset proposed for the PlayStation 4, which would utilize the console’s motion tracking move controllers. The headset would allow players to actually move around in their virtual world. It’s one of the first major virtual reality headsets designed exclusively for use with the PlayStation 4. This is a major breakthrough over its computer-supported competitors. Although the project is still in its proposed phases, it does demonstrate how virtual reality is at the forefront of modern game development.

There was also discussion about how popular social media platforms are important marketing strategies for game developers. A popular Youtube poster, Ryan Letourneau, provided tips on how he reached the 280,000 subscriber mark. This is important information for large companies and individual developers, as we’re now in a pull market that requires consumers to develop their own interest in products. If these game developers want to take their own projects to the next level and make a lot of money, it’s imperative that they master how to use social media to their advantage. The most interesting thing about social media’s inclusion at this gaming conference is that even in a “modern” industry like video games, it’s important to stay ahead of trends like social media and use them as an advantage.

One of the other major announcements came from the technology giant, Microsoft, who announced their new graphics API DirectX 12. It provides better performance and a lowered API overhead. Its new streamlined language makes it a good bet for developers to pick up and start using. One of the major advantages of DirectX 12 is that it’s available across platforms, including for use in tablets and phones. Even if you’re not a developer yourself, you’re sure to be enjoying this new technology soon.