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2013 CES: Geek Heaven Lands in Vegas

As every self-respecting geek probably already knows, the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) of 2013 is currently underway in Las Vegas, NV, until Friday the 11th. The 2013 CES brings out the best and brightest in all of our favorite gadget brands and geeks everywhere are chomping at the bit in anticipation of what this years show has to offer! Here’s a quick re-cap of some of the mind blowing awesomeness that is scheduled to be demonstrated at the 2013 CES this week:

  • Samsung– While you were busy wondering when Samsung will release the next generation Galaxy, Samsung has been busy 2013 cesinventing brand new technology that could save your future phone from ever suffering the dreaded “cracked screen syndrome”. At the 2013 CES, Samsung’s sister-company, ‘Samsung Display’, will be debuting a new indestructible and completely flexible smartphone display. By flexible, I mean totally bendy and amazing. The smartphone display is 5.5 inches may seem a little small to some, so it’s a good thing they decided to bring along the 55 inch TV sized flexible display to knock the socks off of the critics, as well.
  • 2013 cesLG-  As the makers of some seriously incredible flat-screen TVs, I was a little surprised that the product that caught my eye in the LG camp wasn’t, well, a seriously incredible flat-screen TV. Either way, LG has done it again in regard to innovation with their newly upgraded and highly anticipated Magic Motion remote control. The original Magic Motion basically turned the conventional television remote into a mouse, complete with cursor. Unfortunately for LG, it was a little shoddy in the accuracy department and became more of a hassle than a benefit. Never mind the fact that it also looked like a nightstick. Now, newly upgraded, completely accurate and functional, LG has re-released the Magic Motion and they really out did themselves. Sleeker, shorter, and a much nicer hue, the new LG Magic Motion not only points and clicks, but it also scrolls, recognizes gestures and responds to casual speech. Yep, you can forget those formal commands. Pick up your Magic Motion remote and say, “Hey, show me that video of Channing Tatum with his shirt off (Sorry, boys)”, and boom! Thanks LG!
  • Bang & Olufsen– Straight from Denmark comes Bang & Olufsen’s newest creation. Granted, the Beoplay A9 Airplay Speaker looks like it should be receiving transmissions from space, but it is, quite possibly, one of the best wireless speakers of our time. Brainchild of the high-end danish electronics company, the Beoplay A9 sports a 320 watt, five speaker get up that includes an 8 inch woofer, two three-inch mid ranges and two 3/4 inch tweeters. The Airplay also optimizes the sound coming from itself in relation to where it is located in a given room ( on its wooden stand, hanging from the ceiling, mounted in a corner). The only unfortunate draw back is that the retail price runs around $2700, but with a high end brand like Bang & Olufsen, it is not surprising.

Of course these products are only a small glimpse of what will be demonstrated at the 2013 CES this year. With rumors flying about new gaming consoles and next generations of assorted smartphones, don’t miss what the 2013 CES is really all about: new, unique and innovative technology!