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15 AWESOME Arduino Projects for Beginners

Just got your Arduino, and find that you have no idea what to do with it? Don’t worry; today, we will bring you a list of the 15 awesome Arduino projects you can engage with as a beginner. Remember, these 15 Arduino projects are carefully handpicked to fit even those who have heard about Arduino for the first time. Go ahead, read on to find more about these ideas.

#1 Make a buzz wire game

You will need an old metal coat hanger and a small Arduino compatible buzzer to create a buzz wire game. Your DIY craft will help you combine the classic rival game with simple code and electronics.

#2 Create a MIDI controller

Take advantage of the free MIDI code library and components like a DIN female socket, MIDI cable and MIDI interface to create a MIDI controller.


#3 Use Python to control your Arduino

A great project for those starting out with Python coding as you will only need an Arduino board.


#4 Develop an Arduino game controller

You will only need push-buttons and this DIY process to develop your Arduino game controller.

#5 Go for Arduino RFID smart lock

At first, the RFID smart lock system may look complicated. However, the easy-to-use RFID can be a straightforward way to start.

#6 Do an alarm system

Use Arduino to create a simple alarm system that uses a motion sensor to check movements.

#7 Build traffic light controllers

Create your traffic lights breadboard with red, green and yellow LED lights.

#8 Create a temperature controller

Have you ever heard about an Arduino-powered temperature controller? Well, Arduino can help you save the costs of dealing with a commercial temperature control model.

#9 The Companion cube mood lamp

You will require a square glass jar to develop a color-shifting display using Arduino.

#10 Create “Pong”

Do you remember this arcade classic retro game? Well, Arduino can help you keep things rolling.

#11 Create an Arduino prank remote

A combination of your Arduino, receiver and an infrared transmitter can be very useful in this journey.

#12 Create your ambilight

Use cheap addressable LEDs to develop Ambilight features for any TV screen.

#13 What about a laser turret?

Think about creating an Arduino-powered turret. The code needed is easily extendable and will allow you to customize your turrets movements.

#14 Develop a pulsating LED cube

A great choice for people that desire to create something beautiful with Arduino.

#15 Create a giant LED pixel display

The giant LED pixel display can be a great weekend project for you. Take advantage of Arduino to create vibrant GIFs, texts and patterns.

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